Wavelink Software Solutions

For three decades, Wavelink software has delivered mobile-enabling solutions that improve supply-chain efficiency and worker productivity. The company has been an innovator in mission-critical device management, wireless infrastructure management, terminal emulation, voice enabling, and mobile application development software.

Businesses around the globe in industries ranging from manufacturing and retail to warehousing and field-force automation rely on Wavelink platforms and voice-enablement and enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions.


wavelink software

Thousands of companies with millions of devices across a broad spectrum of vertical markets rely on Wavelink to accelerate application delivery, reduce device management and support costs, and tighten network security.

Wavelink was acquired by LANDESK in June 2012. In January 2017, as a result of the purchase of LANDESK by Clearlake Capital and the establishment of the new company Ivanti, both the Wavelink and LANDESK product brands were woven into the Ivanti line of technology solutions.


Find out how you can purchase all available Software from Wavelink, Ivanit and more here.



Industrial Printers from Citizen

citizen cl-s700Citizen industrial printers are built for durability and compatibility in warehouse, shipping and production environments. These machines include Citizen’s innovative Cross-Emulation feature and our pioneering Hi-Lift mechanism for easy access to ribbons and media.

Some of the available Industrial models from Citizen Systems include:

CL-E720 – Simple, reliable and energy efficient tabletop printing

The CL-E720 table top printer is packed with features usually reserved for higher cost machines. Designed and built for easy operation and service, it includes the proven Citizen ARCP™ mechanism, which guarantees sharp, high quality print results. Find out how you can purchase the CL-E720 here.
  • Super-low standby power consumption
  • LinkServer™ management tool
  • Featuring on board LAN & USB interfaces

CL-S700 – Industrial printing with added speed and capacity

Our CL-S700 series is designed for ease of use; the metal mechanism opens vertically to a full 90° to allow for easy ribbon access, while integrated ribbon control and positioning support precision printing on even small or specialist media.  The CL-S700 also comes in a direct thermal only model. Find out how you can purchase the CL-S700 here.

  • Capacity for ribbons up to 450 meters
  • Optional rewinder, peeler, cutter and 300 dpi


Find more information available from Citizen Systems on all available printers here. You can find all available printers online for purchasing here.




Rhino II Vehicle Mount Computer

Tailored for warehouse management, the Rhino vehicle mobile computer increases productivity through reduced errors during receiving, put-away, picking and shipping activities. Adding a handheld bar code scanner such as Datalogic’s PowerScan allows for quick data entry and location confirmations.

datalogic rhino iiThe Rhino vehicle computer is equipped with an internal isolated power supply, ignition sense to automatically control the power, and an optional battery backup for the ultimate protection against data loss. The Rhino vehicle computer fits different mounting and space constraints. Mounting options include various brackets and RAM mounts for the vehicle computer along with ABCD or QWERTY external keyboards. A dedicated software keyboard includes a multitude of layouts and languages, adapting the Rhino computer to a minimum footprint and global applications.

The Datalogic Rhino II vehicle mount computers, available in both 10” and 12” display sizes, set the standard for ruggedness in the warehouse. A sealed design tested to IP65/IP67 ensures operation in the toughest environments.  A dedicated freezer-rated model with integrated display heater allows use in and out of cold storage.  The capacitive touch models feature 3 mm anti-glare armored glass, while still allowing use of gloves.

Tailored for warehouse management, the Rhino vehicle mount computer increases productivity with its easy integration of PowerScan or other automated data collection devices.

The Rhino II offers a wide choice of Operating Systems:  Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7), Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and Android 6.0 coming soon.


Find out how you can purchase the Rhino II online. Get more information by downloading the datasheet here from Datalogic.

Gryphon GD4100 Linear Imager

With rich feature sets and extensive model options, the Gryphon product series from Datalogic ADC represents the premium level of data collection equipment for general purpose applications. The Gryphon I linear imaging readers provide advanced reading performance and decoding for a wide variety of applications.

The Gryphon GD4100 readers’ ability to capture bar codes from near contact to over 1.0 m / 3.9 ft increases productivity and improves ergonomics for users. A wide scan angle reads very wide codes and renewed decoding capabilities increase throughput on hard-to-read, poor or damaged codes. All of these features combined with low-resolution decoding for labels as small as 3 mils, establishes the Gryphon I GD4100 readers as high-performance products and powerful data capture solutions.

datalogic gd4100 scanner

Datalogic’s exclusive patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback directly on the code is ideal under dim lighting conditions or noisy environments. The Green Spot, together with the fast reading and decoding capabilities make the Gryphon I GD4100 readers the best choice to improve productivity in retail and office environments, hospitals, pharmacies, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

The Gryphon I GD4100 readers offer a choice of two sets of multi-interface options: USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS-232 and Wand Emulation, or for use in point-of-sale (POS) environments, IBM 46XX, USB and RS-232.


  • Extremely snappy reading performance with speeds up to 325 reads/second
  • Extended reading distances including up to 60.0 cm / 23.6 in for 13 mil UPC/EAN 13 labels
  • Wide 42° scan angle for reading wider codes
  • Datalogic’s patented ‘Green Spot’ technology for good-read feedback
  • Remote Host Download lowers service costs and improves operations (GD4110 Model)
  • Multi-interface solutions support most popular interfaces including USB, RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, IBM 46XX and Wand
  • Checkpoint Systems EAS compatible model
  • USB Certified Kits Available


Found out more information on the GD4100 here. Or, purchase the scanner online from the Barcodefactory.

Increase Efficiency with the 8680i Mini Mobile Computer

Workers can lose 5 seconds every time they pick up, scan, and set down a handheld scanner. For workflows with frequent scanning, such as picking, sorting, putaway, and packing, this inefficient movement multiplies, representing a significant part of the workday. Wearable scanning ensures data capture is always at hand, increasing productivity and efficiency, and leaving the hands free to attend to other tasks.

The Honeywell 8680i wearable mini mobile computer is a compact, high-performance, hands-free cordless scanner designed to help businesses improve workflow efficiency with every scanning transaction.

honeywell 8680i mini computerKey Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces operational slowdown
  • Improves productivity
  • Lowers operational costs

Available in a Standard model for simple Bluetooth-paired data collection or an Advanced model for standalone operation in directed workflows, the 8680i wearable mini mobile can add efficiency and effectiveness to the most common tasks.

The Standard version offers lightweight, ergonomic Bluetooth-wearable scanning with clear communication of wireless connection, battery status, and scan results. Features include Wi-Fi, a customizable user-facing display, and a two-button interface.

The Advanced model enables streamlined workflows with a single device vs. a scanner and mobile computer combination. Key information can be presented to the worker on the display to enable task-specific responses (for example, confirm action completion or mark an exception).

Flexible configuration options can be tailored to the work environment with a choice of a two-finger ring or a glove option (coming soon), and slim or extended batteries to suit the duty cycle, shift length, and size/weight priorities.


Find out how you can purchase this scanner for your business application or get more information regarding the 8680i Mini Mobile Computer from Honeywell Barcode & Scanning products.

Datalogic Data Collection Devices

Datalogic offers a wide selection of data collection devices or otherwise known as barcode scanners. They come in a variety of types to meet any business applications from Retail to Industrial. Tethered or Cordless, Laser linear or area imaging technology with standard, rugged or antimicrobial enclosure and Patented green spot good read indication are just to name a few features that Datalogic offers with their hand held scanners.

datalogic handheld scanners

General Duty scanners come in a wide range of general purpose handheld readers offer a variety of choices for most data collection activities. Some applications you might find these devices being used are in grocery stores, retail chains, airports, distribution & warehousing as well as transportation and logistics.

Industrial hanhdeld readers are data collection’s example of ruggedness and durability. Often, imitated, but never rivaled, the PowerScan products rise above the fray with their outstanding performance and unyielding reliability is what you get from Datalogic scanners. The PowerScan series of Industrial scanners offers state of the art performance in a corded industrial product. Some of the features offered from the PowerScan series are operation in a wide range of temperatures, drop resistance to 6.5ft, water and particulate sealing rating of IP65 and Datalogic’s 3GL technology and a loud beeper for good-read feedback.

datalogic cobaltoPresentation scanners are another type of device to capture data that can be found in the Grocery Store and Retail environments. These scanners make it easy to scan barcodes with it’s ability to scan product hands-free. They represent the ideal solution for POS applications in convenience and specialty stores as well as pharmacies.

Datalogic’s Cobalto CO5300 omnidirectional laser scanner is just one of the many presentation scanners available to the POS and In-Store sales. With it’s excellent value for customers looking for outstanding performance in a stylish and full-featured product.



You can find all available barcode products offered from Datalogic here. You may also find more information regarding scanners from Datalogic from their official website.






The Voyager 1250g Single-Line Laser Scanner

honeywell 1250g handheld scannerThe Voyager 1250g single-line laser scanner combines the Voyager series’ proven performance with extended depth of field to make scanning out-of-reach items a breeze. It fits comfortably in most hands, reducing user fatigue in scan-intensive applications.

The ability to read barcodes up to 58.4 cm (23 in) away will make the job much more comfortable for your workers – for example, when your cashiers reach to scan larger items left in shopping carts, and your inventory takers scan products stored high atop shelves. The 1250g scanner is easy to use and efficient, so your team can be at its best. It’s optimized to scan linear barcodes fast even if you have poorly printed and damaged codes. That’s important because it minimizes the need for manual data entry. And that leads to increased productivity and fewer errors. Honeywell also made installation quick and painless with it’s plug-and-play feature by simply plugging in the device’s cable into the host PC and the scanner will do the rest.

The scanner can be purchased with the Flex Stand or with No Stand at all. Parts for the Voyager can also be found here.

honeywell-1250g-bannerhoneywell 1250g features


LS2208 Scanner kit with or without Stand

zebra ls2208 scanner kitThe LS2208 is the most affordable best selling scanner in the market today! This handheld barcode scanner can provide you fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. Available as a kit that can be purchased with or without the scanner stand for more of a handsfree scanning application. Find this scanner with a Stand or the without the stand.

With its patented single board construction, patented frictionless liquid polymer scan element, scratch resistant tempered glass exit window and a stringent drop and tumble specification, the LS2208 delivers reliable all-day, every day operation.

This scanner is designed for continuous usage all day, which significantly reduces downtime and repair costs. It provides accurate, first-time scanning. And since it is always ready for the next scan, this scanner can shorten check-out lines, improve customer service and increase productivity.

Find all available barcode scanners from Zebra Technologies here.

PW2NX Mobile Printer

sato pw2nx mobile printerThis is Sato’s next generation of IoT-equipped and rugged mobile printers designed for use across various industry platforms and their applications. Some Industries and Application uses are and not limited to Transportation & Logistics, Retail, Route Delivery and Healthcare. Just to name a few of the applications suitable for the mobile printer would be Sorting & Location, Item Processing, Cross Docking, Repricing/Markdowns, Delivery Proofs, Laboratory, Patient Records and Inventory Tracking. The PW2NX is a very versatile and rugged printer which can be used in all types of environments and not limiting the user with it’s Certified WiFi connection.

Features for this printer make it stand out among other printers in it’s class. With it’s robust connections such as a standard USB connector, Dual Radio operation for wide compatibility with many systems, Bluetooth 3.0 which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, WiFi Certified and Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz to name only a few.

This printer supports seven-printer languages which are pre-installed for easy integration to existing applications.

sato smart technology banner

Find out how you can purchase this printer or learn more on how this printer from Sato can work for you and your business application.

View the products information PDF here.


Powerful RFID Tools

Find Free RFID tools like PowerSession which is a PC-based tool and demonstrates several capabilities of the reader including reading tags from multiple readers, exporting tags, controlling individual reader parameters and RFID protocol settings, upgrading reader firmware etc. It is an excellent tool that can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the RFID reader in a very effective manner.

free rfid tools

Rapidread is a demonstration application that runs on MC3190-Z and MC9X90 RFID handhelds. RapidRead provides wireless data capture information like the number (total and unique) of EPC Gen 2 RFID tags that are in range of the RFID handheld. RapidRead can also perform with a geiger counter mode to locate a specific tagged item. Specific characteristics such as size, color and style are input and audible and the visual cues will guide the user to that specific item.

Also, available SessionOne which, is a PC-based demo that shows the capabilities of the FX7400, FX7500, FX9500 and FX9600 fixed readers, including device discovery; inventory operations; access operations; export tags; and map and show pictures to tag IDs. You can download SessionOne here.

Microsoft BizTalk RFID is an RFID device management and event processing platform. It is designed to provide a scalable, extensible platform for development, deployment, and management of RFID solutions.

Find answers to your support questions about BizTalk for Handheld Readers. You’ll find a wealth of information and online assistance, including developer tools, software downloads, product manuals and online repair requests. Download BizTalk for Handheld Readers here.


You can find RFID printers, labels, tags and more here.