Honeywell PX940 the accurate printer

The new Honeywell PX940 industrial printer takes printing error free labels to a whole new level. The level of accuracy and simplicity provides customers with precision printing, increasing production efficiency and reducing operational costs.

The no defect label printer

With it’s integrated label verification technology that checks and ensures that labels print accurately every time. The printer instantly notifies you of a pass or fail status and ANSI (american national standards institute) grade. Printing small labels sometimes creates poor quality which leads to unreadable labels and bar codes. Not with the PX940 It’s extreme precise printing of up to 0.4 mm (0.012 in) virtually eliminates the chance of poorly printed bar codes.

Where the PX940 fits in the printing industry

This industrial grade printer is well suited for transportation and logistics, pharmaceutical and healthcare environments, shipping and receiving centers, industrial manufacturing, automotive parts suppliers, and any other application where they require high precision and error-free printing.

The PX940 in two flavors

The Honeywell PX940 can be purchased in two versions. One with the integrated verifier, and the other without the integrated verifier. Both of these options do come with the standard features such as Bluetooth, and smart printing capability, in which users can configure and fine tune their settings without the need for a personal computer attached to the printer.

Download the PDF for the Honeywell PX940 High-Performance Industrial Printer.