Sato PW2NX

PW2NX Mobile Printer

sato pw2nx mobile printerThis is Sato’s next generation of IoT-equipped and rugged mobile printers designed for use across various industry platforms and their applications. Some Industries and Application uses are and not limited to Transportation & Logistics, Retail, Route Delivery and Healthcare. Just to name a few of the applications suitable for the mobile printer would be Sorting & Location, Item Processing, Cross Docking, Repricing/Markdowns, Delivery Proofs, Laboratory, Patient Records and Inventory Tracking. The PW2NX is a very versatile and rugged printer which can be used in all types of environments and not limiting the user with it’s Certified WiFi connection.

Features for this printer make it stand out among other printers in it’s class. With it’s robust connections such as a standard USB connector, Dual Radio operation for wide compatibility with many systems, Bluetooth 3.0 which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, WiFi Certified and Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz to name only a few.

This printer supports seven-printer languages which are pre-installed for easy integration to existing applications.

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