Asset Tracking

Manage and Track Fixed Assets

Easily track all your assets in your facilities with Asset Track software. Record supplier and user information with ease. Know where your assets are located in your warehouse or facility. Scan barcodes or produce barcode labels directly with Asset Tracking software.

Loan Tools & Equipment
asset track tools and equipmentLoan tools and equipment to staff and members while keeping record of past-due items and send automatic reminders to return the borrowed equipment. Just scan an asset and automatically look up borrower information from Active Directory, third party software or the Asset Tracking database. Borrower information is then linked and updated in the assets record. Borrow date, expected return date, and other information

Tacking Fixed Assets
Conduct physical counts of all of your fixed assets and update the location, condition and custody information. Easily, notify management about missing assets.

Manage Depreciation
Select from various standard depreciation formulas or define your own. Record depreciation history and generate various depreciation reports.

Fixed Asset Audits
fixed asset auditPerform regular audits on your fixed assets using a portable tablet and update asset information as your find them, such as location, condition and custody. Easily, generate reports of missing and moved items.



Found out more on how you can start tracking all your assets within your warehouse and facilities. The Barcodefactory offers a wide selection in tracking software from brands like Jolly Technologies and Redbeam.