Most Popular Barcode Scanners

The most widely purchased barcode scanners on the market

multiple barcode scanner types

Barcode scanners come in a wide variety of types for scanning bar codes in retail, warehousing, shipping & receiving and in environments like doctor’s office and hospitals. Scanners come in many formats like handheld, handsfree and presentation applications like you find in most popular retail stores today.

ls2208 barcode scanner with standSome scanners like the popular Zebra LS2208 for it’s pricing and simplicity can be purchased here. This scanner is capable of scanning a label 25 inches away and supports scanning high density bar codes on small retail items. It’s also available with or without a stand to hold the scanner in-place leaving your workers handsfree to do other tasks. The next generation in 1D scanning, the LS2208 gives you the same reliability and ergonomics of the other most popular scanners on the market to date with enhanced features that you scan more types of bar codes at further distances.

Accessories expand your scanning needs

From power supplies, battery packs, USB adapters, holsters, mounts to fit every just about every barcode scanning need. Not only do accessories allow your workforce to be more productive but, compliment and enhance your scanner operations in any environment.


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