DS8100 Healthcare Imager

September 17, 2018 Warren_W 0

The DS8100 Healthcare handheld imager increases workflow and better experience for patients. Healthcare providers need to equip their healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to […]

Asset and Tracking in Healthcare

April 12, 2018 Warren 0

The reliability and accurate accounting of tools and supplies in the healthcare business is imperative. Whether its printers, barcode scanners or mobile devices, any slight […]

Primera LX500

December 18, 2017 Warren 0

Primera LX500 offers a printer capable of printing labels for slides and tissue samples as well as other uses to reduce the risk of specimen […]

Zebra Healthcare Solutions

February 7, 2017 Warren_W 0

Helping to improve the quality and efficiency of your patient’s well-being using Zebra’s Healthcare Solutions Zebra Technologies provides the kind of visibility that lets you […]

Patient Labeling

February 1, 2016 Warren_W 0

Adhesives and Protective Coatings The label provides the critical link between the physical specimen and all of the information in software systems associated with it. […]

Positive Patient ID

January 15, 2016 Warren_W 0

Patient Safety Begins with Positive Patient ID Visibility that drives greater patient safety begins with the ability to positively ID the patient at every point […]

Remote Patient Monitoring

January 15, 2016 Warren_W 0

Improve Staff Mobility for Better Patient Care With a wireless mobile computer, healthcare workers are free to move around the facility while retaining the ability […]