Disinfectant-Ready Housing

honeywell disinfectant housing

Honeywell products offer a free guide on cleaning solutions for disinfectant ready housing devices such as barcode scanners and mobile computers. They list approved cleaning solutions from alcohol wipes to gentle dish soap and water. With the growing numbers under the current pandemic the coronavirus has brought the attention to disinfecting and cleanliness. Honeywell was brought to our attention by the President of the United States explaining their role in curbing the pandemic and how they can support the community in battling this virus.

honeywell disinfectant housing

In the healthcare industry data collection devices are traditionally housed in amorphous plastics. These plastics, including polycarbonates are chosen because they can be easily manufactured. Device housings made of these plastics contain a lossley packed structure that makes it easier for checmicals to penetrate the plastic. Repeating the use of chemical cleaners may start to cause discolorization, swelling, cracking of rubber and certain plastics after prologned and repeated use. Honeywell was the first company in the barcode scanner industry to introduce disinfectant-ready housings or known as DRH’s.

How to clean your Honeywell Healthcare Device

It is key to provide a safe environment for patients which requires a committment to hand hygiene and the proper cleaning of equipment used by healthcare professionals.

First, wipe all surfaces of your device with the moistened cloth or wipes for the time required by the disinfectant solution being used. See list of approved cleaning solutions below.

  • Avoid pooling the cleaning solution on any part of the product to prevent the liquid from gaining access to the inside of the device
  • The display window, keyboard, triggers and connector areas require the most attention to avoid liquid entering the device.
  • Keep a dry sterile cloth ready to dry the device after cleaning.

Using a cotton tipped swab to clean between the keys on the keyboard and in other recessed areas of the device.

See a list of all available Disinfectant-ready housing devices from Honeywell by downloading their PDF here.