Extreme Performance to fight Viruses

Honeywell 1952h Scanner

The Healthcare Industry has a tough battle to fight off germs and keeping their equipment safe. Handheld scanners are just one of many devices used by healthcare professionals. Keeping these devices clean from spreading germs is a bit of a task. Honeywell helps make it possible with their Disinfectant-Ready housing scanners such as the Xenon Extreme Performance 1952h scanner. You can find an article here that explains in a bit more detail on what chemicals to use and how to keep them clean.

Honeywell 1952h battery free scanner

The 1952h is also available in a battery-free format which is capable of a full charge in under 60-seconds! Thats quite amazing! The scanner puts the power of accurate patient care back in the caregiver’s hands. The freedom of Bluetooth wireless technology without the maintenance hassles or long recharge time associated with traditional batteries.

With the growing concerns of the coronovirus pandemic get ahead in keeping your equipment germ-free! Honeywell offers a wide selection of devices that come with their disinfectant-ready housing. Online ecommerce sites offer these such products and are ready to order today! Give barcodefactory.com a call and receieve a quote in the same day.