Horticulture Solution for labeling your plants

Now that the season is here for planting trees and flowers the need for labeling those assets is also at it’s peak. There are many ways to tag your trees and plants with labels for your business. There are some manufacturers that stand out when it comes to labeling your assets in the horticultural industry such as, Sato which carries a full line of tags, labels and signs designed to withstand their use in harsh environments.

You can find a variety of tags such as slip-on end to end tags, thermal slip-on and thermal pot tags. Let’s talk a little about the slip-on end to end tags. These tags are a vertical fed tag and serve as a great way to identify your product. Once this tag is locked into position they stay on the plant until removed. Sato’s Thermal Slip-On tags can be preprinted flexographically during the manufacturing process or with the thermal transfer printing method.

Thermal Pot Tags are another common tag among horticulture resellers. The offer a clearly visible application to your customers to read the description and pricing of the product. These tags come in many colors and sizes. Some materials such as styrene and a heavy plastic material are used to prolong the life of the tag and can be printer via a thermal transfer printer. Thermal print adheres to the surface for years, and will not fade away.

You can find out more from online e-commerce shops such as The BarcodeFactory for Sato tags and labels. They are an authorized reseller of the Sato brand horticultural products and more.