Horticulture Thermal Printers

Thermal printers are necessary when printing tags, pot stakes, labels and signs for use in the horticulture industry. You will need labels that can withstand the harsh elements when labeling plants, trees, shrubbery, flowers and other plant material. That’s where thermal printing comes into play and can deliver. Thermal printers can apply the message to the tag or label via a ribbon which applies the ink to the label. This ink is adhered to the tag or label which is clearly visible for easy identification.

Let’s dive into the printers used to make things happen in the labeling of plants. There are quit a few well known manufacturers that offer solutions to the horticulture industry for just this type of application where thermal printing is required. Sato, Zebra, TSC, Cub among others offer specific printers for the printing of tags, pot stakes and even signs. We’ll briefly go over a few select models of printers from the said manufacturers while not to sound promoting one over the other but, certain aspects could deem a personal preference in selecting the right thermal printer.

Sato offers the CLNX Series of thermal printers which comes in either 203, 305 and even a 609dpi (that’s dots per inch) flavor. These printers come with preinstalled operational videos which can be viewed from it’s full color LED screen making training, setup and operation easy. This printer offers the ability for custom programming for certain applications. You can find out more information from online e-commerce sites such as The BarcodeFactory.