Pot Stakes

Pot stakes for plants or referred to as plant tags are a thermal label used to identify plant materials such as flowers. If, you look around in your local Lowes or Home Depot you’ll notice these tags in those hanging baskets, potted plants and even shrubbery on the shelves. A thermal printer is required to adhere the print via a ribbon and heat process from the printhead to the tag. This means once the tags are printed they are ready for use as they com off the printer. There are a multitude of manufacturers that offer pot stakes in all kinds of varieties of sizes and colors.

A styrene material and heavy plastic material is used in different sizes to suit your needs. These tags range in sizes of widths and lengths as well as color options like red, orange, yellow and plain white. More colors are available from manufacturers like Sato, Zebra and The BarcodeFactory carries all the major brands available online.