Vinyl Wrap around Tags for Trees

One solution for tagging your trees for marketing them in the horticulture industry is using vinyl wrap tags or wrap around tags as some prefer to call them. These tags are thermally printed with a bar code that can be scanned via a reader. Once locked, this tag will stay on the tree until it’s removed.

These tags can be purchased as a horizontal or vertical fed rolls of tags. Depending on the thermal printer and it’s capabilities of printing in the vertical or horizontal format you will need to make sure which is the right fit. Wrap tags come in a wide variety of shapes and colors. They can even be made custom with your company logo and slogan.

Identifying your trees with vinyl wrap around tags is only one way of marketing your product. With the RFID technology you can track and log data via radio frequency identification wrap tags. Allowing growers to monitor stages and progress of potentially every plant in a greenhouse. Going beyond the greenhouse, shipping containers with RFID identification will enable tracking, from the crop to the market.

The possibilities are endless with RFID and vinyl wrap tags for identifying and tracking your assets. You can find more information and purchasing wrap tags at The BarcodeFactory. They offer solutions to all types of Industries including Horticulture.