Wearable Computers for mobility

As smart watches, fitness trackers and other wearable technologies become more common in our daily lives, warehousing & distribution center workers are beginning to expect the same seamless usability and performance from the technology that they use on the job. Just as we no longer need to hold a device in our hand to receive a phone call, track steps or monitor social media, distribution center employees are looking for ways to free up their hands to be more productive and efficient in their daily tasks. And with companies losing on average more than $400,000 every year in picking errors, business owners are interested in new “connected worker” solutions that help improve accuracy and efficiency.

mobility edge from Honeywell

Today, many distribution centers are still using handheld scanners, paper-based picking methods and mobile computers to move and track goods in very hands-on, repetitive workflows like each picking for e-commerce. Early iterations of handheld scanners had wires, which at the time were an improvement, but restricted motion and became a nuisance when the wires got in the way. The industry has since moved to wireless handheld scanners, which eliminate that problem, but still don’t enable workers to work “hands-free”. Also, the use of paper- or even mobile-based picking methods requires the use of one’s hands. But hands-free and wearable technology is rapidly becoming the de-facto choice for modern distribution centers. From software that offers workers a voice-based connection to the warehouse management system (WMS), to wearable barcode scanners connected via wireless communication standards like Bluetooth®, technologies that help free up workers’ hands and connect them to data more fluidly are helping to move the industry toward the next era of efficiency in data capture and order fulfillment.

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For example, the industry has seen an increase in the adoption of voice-based solutions that instruct distribution center workers through their picking methods in real time, and enable them to input data verbally, eliminating the need for physical picking lists or labels that must be carried around and updated manually. In fact, in a survey 1 conducted by Honeywell and YouGov, 87 percent of U.S. respondents said that they anticipate transitioning to voice solutions by 2020.

You can find out more on wearable mobile devices at the Barcodefactory.

Improve the speed and efficiency of put-away and replenishment

warehousing-postWarehouse put-away and replenishment solutions are built on the mobilization of industry-leading Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), utilizing industrial mobile and vehicle-mounted computers, ruggedized barcode scanners, and industrial-grade wireless networks. Mobilizing your WMS with access to real-time information in your workers’ hands and mounted to their lift trucks can streamline your operations.


Improve Inventory Turns

Streamline the movement of goods from receiving to inventory to storage with coordinated put-away processes.

Empower Workers

Lift truck operators can seamlessly switch from warehouse put-away to replenishment to pallet-level pick orders or trailer loading with access to the WMS on their vehicle-mounted computer.

Drive Business Growth

Virtually eliminate out-of-stocks within your warehouse by ensuring rapid placement of goods into the appropriate slot, reducing the occurrence of unnecessary lost sales opportunities.

Accurately Receive, Sort and Fulfill Orders


Receiving and sortation solutions combine our mobile technology with our partner applications to enable you to electronically capture data in real time, communicate it to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and use ASN and GS1 information to reconcile order details quickly upon receipt. With these new warehouse sorting capabilities, you can ensure traceability for inbound materials and accelerate the identification of shortages, discrepancies or damages before they negatively impact your downstream warehouse processes and your ability to respond to customer demand.


Upgrade inbound handling operations

At the receiving dock, mobile processes empower workers to be more accurate and more productive. A simple scan of a barcode, RFID tag or RMA label enables incoming shipments to be identified and verified in real time.

Improve sorting accuracy

A quick scan of the barcode on the package displays the exact location where the package should be placed, speeding putaway, eliminating errors and providing an audit trail for traceability.

Enhance communications

Clear and reliable communication is key to ensuring accuracy and productivity in your warehouse. Our industrial wireless technology allows your employees to access, capture and send information from anywhere in your warehouse — even the yard.

Yard Management Systems from The BarcodeFactory and Zebra Technologies

With Zebra Products, we can help you create greater efficiency with a Zebra’s Visible Value Chain solution for yard management. Synchronize your yard operations, loading docks and gate check-in with actionable and optional real-time intelligence. With Zebra, you can forecast with precision to ensure a continuous flow of material, parcels and goods to your distribution centers or manufacturing plants, keeping your costs down.

We offer solutions in:

  • Switcher Management Optimize switcher productivity through intelligent task assignments that are synchronized with your warehouse or distribution operations. Switchers can monitor and control trailer move operations from one screen, mounted in-vehicle.
  • Fast Gate Systems Streamline check-in operations with a fast gate system that automatically detects trailers entering your facility.
  • Trailer Inspection Know the condition of trailers used within your yard, ensure the safety of your workers, and improve on-time delivery performance. Damaged trailers pose a safety risk to drivers and dock workers. creating a need to be handled using exception processes.
  • Dock Door Management Dock Door Management provides an efficient tool for dock personnel and forklift drivers to view and update trailer information, which increases door turns.
  • Vessel Voyage Use the Zebra YMS Vessel Voyage Module to coordinate yard and drayage operations with inbound containers that arrive at marine ports via shipping vessels.

Zebra Products - Yard Managment System

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