Receiving & Sortation

Accurately Receive, Sort and Fulfill Orders

Receiving and sortation solutions combine our mobile technology with our partner applications to enable you to electronically capture data in real time, communicate it to your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and use ASN and GS1 information to reconcile order details quickly upon receipt. With these new warehouse sorting capabilities, you can ensure traceability for inbound materials and accelerate the identification of shortages, discrepancies or damages before they negatively impact your downstream warehouse processes and your ability to respond to customer demand.

Upgrade inbound handling operations

At the receiving dock, mobile processes empower workers to be more accurate and more productive. A simple scan of a barcode, RFID tag or RMA label enables incoming shipments to be identified and verified in real time.

Improve sorting accuracy

A quick scan of the barcode on the package displays the exact location where the package should be placed, speeding putaway, eliminating errors and providing an audit trail for traceability.

Enhance communications

Clear and reliable communication is key to ensuring accuracy and productivity in your warehouse. Our industrial wireless technology allows your employees to access, capture and send information from anywhere in your warehouse — even the yard.

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