Barcode Reader

barcodefactory qr code barcode reader

The iPhone can be a great tool for scanning QR codes. The iPhone has a built a QR Code reader right into its camera app. All you need to do is open up the camera app and point it at the barcode and take a snapshot. It’s quite simple to scan QR Codes on your iOS devices.

What’s the best barcode reader for your iPhone you ask? Here are some applications that are available to download to your phone.

  • BarCloud Pro
  • Free QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner
  • Scan – QR Code and Barcode Reader
  • NeoReader
  • Scan to Spreadsheet

How do you get your iPhone to even read a QR Code? Well, that’s quite simple and it’s literally a matter of using your camera on your Phone and pointing it at the barcode and taking a picture. It’s just that easy. Your phone picks up the image with its camera. A notification banner will appear if there is any call to action within the barcode. Some call to action code can be a simple phone number or a web address.

Give it a try here. Point your iPhone camera at the image below.

barcodefactory qr code barcode reader