Label Handling Equipment

Looking to make your label processing and application run smoother and more efficient? The Barcodefactory offers a wide selection of manual or automatic label handling products from Manufacturers, such as LabelMate, Cub and Take-A-Label. We offer a wide selection of Label Handling applicators, rewinders, unwinders, label dispensers and slitters.

Our expertise in manufacturing stock and custom labels and labeling handling equipment insures you will find the right equipment for your project.

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Label Unwinders are basically stands that can hold roll diameters up to 12 inches. The larger rolls typically cost less to manufacture, which reduces the overall label cost. Label Rewinders wind up labels int a clean and uniform roll making large batches of labels more efficient. You’ll need to choose the right core size label rewinder to work with your labeling application. Label Dispensers do just that. Dispensing labels either manually or automatically to offer a peel and present motion, which greatly increases your productivity.

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