Creating A Code 39 Barcode Label

What is a code 39 barcode? Pronounced “code 3 of 9”

Code 39 Barcode variable length and is the most frequently used symbology in industrial bar code systems today. The Code 39 barcode uses four special characters “$”, “/”, “+”, “%” which can be paired with alphanumeric characters to extend to the full ASCII character set.

Some simple identifiers for a Code 3 of 9 barcode:

  • Contains only 43 characters
  • Can be extended to a 128 character symbology
  • Three of the nine elements (bars) are wide and six elements are narrow


Here is an image of what a Code 3 of 9 bar code would look like:

Code 39 Barcode








Want to create your own Code 3 of 9 bar code?

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