Custom Barcode Labels

Creating a custom barcode label in 5 steps!

custom made barcode labels in 5 stepsDesigning a label for your product or customer using their company logo is easier than you think. You can easily categorize building a label in 5 steps. Understanding the difference between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal labels would be determined before we start the process. This can be easily done by the labels application and environment. Once, this has been established we can then move forward to the first step in creating our own custom label even with the company logo added. These labels are not limited to any certain quantities and can be priced out by volume and annual usage.

First, by selecting your label width and length to meet your application needs. Second, choosing the color of your label whether it be plain white or a specific color it doesn’t matter it can be up to 6 PMS colors or a four-color process for any image. Third, choosing the material type of your label from multiple substrates like paper, all types of synthetics or even a reflective coating. Fourth, does your label require an adhesive backing or would it be removed from it’s location? You can choose from a multitude of adhesives from temp to permanent. Lastly, would the label need a liner? Backing materials come in standard silicone coated paper in various thicknesses or select a clear polyester liner that offers less mass, weight and is recyclable.


The entire process can be done cheaper than you think. There are a ton of businesses online capable of simplifying the process but, one stands out among all the rest with over 25 years in the business. The Barcodfactory has been in the barcode and labeling business for some time now and creating custom labels among other things is their specialty. You can find more information on custom making labels or get a free quote online with them.