Honeywell CN75 two Operating Systems

Ultra-Rugged device with two Operating Systems

Are your field service operations ready to transition to Android™ 6.0? Or, would you prefer to wait and get every last bit of benefit from your investment in Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5?
Now, there’s a single mobile computing device that lets you do both. Honeywell’s CN75 ultra-rugged mobile computer supports both operating systems – so you can extend support for WEH, then convert your CN75 devices to the next-generation OS when your business is ready.
Get investment protection in an ultra-rugged device that leads its class in both durability and ergonomics – the new CN75.

The CN75 and CN75e mobile computers deliver unparalleled reliability with
smart battery technology that provides enough power to last a full work shift,
eliminating dead batteries and downtime. The CN75 and CN75e mobile
computers are also equipped with a high-performance imager that provides
fast and accurate barcode scanning capabilities even in low-light scanning
environments, with unmatched motion tolerance to eliminate costly delays in
scan-intensive applications.

The no-compromise design extends to radio connectivity, as well. The wide-area
solutions feature a Flexible Network voice and data WWAN radio that operates
on networks worldwide, offering switch-on-the-fly network selection capability
and eliminating the need for multiple pools of devices dedicated to one network.
MANUFACTURER: Honeywell Scanning & Mobile Productivity
PLACES-TO-BUY: Honeywell Mobile Computers