Wearable Devices

Wearable Computer Devices

Honeywell offers ring scanners and wrist mounted mobile computers such as the 8670 bluetooth ring scanner, 8680i mini mobile computer as well as the wearable D70e and D75e mobile computers.

honeywell 8670 ring scannerThe 8670 ring scanner is a great choice if you’re looking to give your employees full mobility in any environment suitable for such a device. If you’re looking to grow your revenue by taking advantage of new technology solutions, please let us guide you through the details of two of our newly launched scanner products: 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner and Vuquest 3320g hands-free scanner- during an insightful on-demand webinar event. Our experts will share their knowledge, experience and best practices to help you improve and maximize the benefits of our expanded solutions portfolio. The 8670 wireless ring scanner with bluetooth technology brings exceptional 1d and 2d scan performances of other handheld devices in a small form factor. Not only is this device small and compact but, with it’s rugged design optimized for harsh usage and environments. It’s two-piece design includes a small, lightweight scaner that mounts on the finger and a Bluetooth module worn comfortably on the wrist.


honeywell 8680i wearable mini mobile computerThe 8680i wearable mini mobile computer device is Honeywell’s most advanced compact, ergonomic, high-performance Bluetooth wearable scanning solution for helping businesses streamline high-volume workflows such as picking, packing and sorting for increased speed and efficiency with every transaction. This device is available in a Standard model for simple Bluetooth-paired data collection or an Advanced model for standalone operation in directed workflows, the 8680i wearable mini mobile can add efficiency and effectiveness to the most common tasks. It’s flexible configuration options can be tailored to the work environment with a choice of a two-finger ring or a glove option (coming soon).

Some of the other devices available from Honeywell include the SRX-SL (headset) and the wristmount for the D70e and D75e mobile computers. Like the standard range laser ring scanner for the D70e and the High-Performance 2d imager ring scanner.



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