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You’ll find some major changes in BarTender 2019 software from Seagull Scientific. If, you’re upgrading from an older version of BarTender, there are some changes that you should be aware of. View the list of major things that you need to know below.

BarTender Logo
  • All editions of BarTender are now licenses by printer
  • BarTender 2019 has a new licensing service that replaces Seagull license server. This licensing service is not backwards compatible with older versions of BarTender. This means that you must update your BarTender clients at the same time that you update your master license server.
  • BarTender 2019 greatly simplifies the installation process, installing most BarTender components with every installation.
  • A local BarTender System Database is installed on every BarTender workstation, but each workstation can be configured to use a centralized System Database if you prefer.

Comparing BarTender 2019 Editions

Automation Edition has ALL Professional features plus the added below. Enterprise Edition has ALL Automation features plus the added below.


  • Intelligent Templates
  • Read data from CSV files, databases and Excel
  • Easily search and select records for printing
  • Encode RFID labels and smart cards


  • Auto print from any OS systems or device in response to data transactions and SDK requests
  • Secure the printing environment with user and group roles
  • Monitor live print status and view detailed history of system usage


  • Print from any OS or Android device
  • Print from any iOS or Android device
  • Auto print in response to Web service API or TCP/IP comms
  • Integrate with SAP or Oracle
  • Take advantage of centralized system management, browser-hosted printing, centralized template storage with revision control, electronic signature support, full SDK control, smart card encoding and more

Download the BarTender Free Edition! here. You can also find all available versions of the BarTender Software from Seagull Scientific from the Barcodefactory.

Increase Efficiency with the 8680i Mini Mobile Computer

Workers can lose 5 seconds every time they pick up, scan, and set down a handheld scanner. For workflows with frequent scanning, such as picking, sorting, putaway, and packing, this inefficient movement multiplies, representing a significant part of the workday. Wearable scanning ensures data capture is always at hand, increasing productivity and efficiency, and leaving the hands free to attend to other tasks.

The Honeywell 8680i wearable mini mobile computer is a compact, high-performance, hands-free cordless scanner designed to help businesses improve workflow efficiency with every scanning transaction.

honeywell 8680i mini computerKey Features and Benefits:

  • Reduces operational slowdown
  • Improves productivity
  • Lowers operational costs

Available in a Standard model for simple Bluetooth-paired data collection or an Advanced model for standalone operation in directed workflows, the 8680i wearable mini mobile can add efficiency and effectiveness to the most common tasks.

The Standard version offers lightweight, ergonomic Bluetooth-wearable scanning with clear communication of wireless connection, battery status, and scan results. Features include Wi-Fi, a customizable user-facing display, and a two-button interface.

The Advanced model enables streamlined workflows with a single device vs. a scanner and mobile computer combination. Key information can be presented to the worker on the display to enable task-specific responses (for example, confirm action completion or mark an exception).

Flexible configuration options can be tailored to the work environment with a choice of a two-finger ring or a glove option (coming soon), and slim or extended batteries to suit the duty cycle, shift length, and size/weight priorities.


Find out how you can purchase this scanner for your business application or get more information regarding the 8680i Mini Mobile Computer from Honeywell Barcode & Scanning products.

cab mach series desktop printers

Reliable Low-Cost Desktop Printers

Cab offers a lower price 4-inch reliable desktop printer

With the MACH1/MACH2 cab completes its printer range in the lower price segment:

  • Ideal for small to medium-volume printing
  • For thermal transfer and direct thermal printing
  • MACH1 with control buttons and LED display, MACH2 with colored LCD display and navigator pad
  • Printable resolutions 200 dpi or 300 dpi for both printer types
  • Processing of label widths up to 118 mm
  • The solid double-walled construction allows printing in all areas.

Ease of operation

The MACH1/2 can be opened up widely to insert the ribbon and the label roll. (1)Adjustment of different materials via a calibration button without loss of time.
The multi-language color display (2) and the cab navigator pad (3) of MACH2 are logically structured and intuitively operable for the user. A total of four interfaces (including Ethernet) (4) offer flexibility and fast device connection.

cab ease of operation for the mach series


Drivers from cab – 32/64 Bit (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 and more!) here

Available Software from cab:

  • cablabel S3 Demo (Free) – here
  • cablabel S3 Lite (Free) – here

Click here to see available software from cab. You can find all the available label printers from cab at the

cab Technologies develops special Printer Covers and Environmental Enclosures

cab Technology, Inc. has developed special covers and environmental enclosures that may be required for certain industries that we are now offering. Find more information regarding specific enclosures for your printing application and environment. The Barcodefactory offers cab products and help with any type of printing application that is required to suit your business needs.

ESD [Electrotatic Discharge] Cover: This cover protects from electrostatic charges. The cover is made of a conductive plastic and complies with the ESD standard.

Magentic Cover: This cover is magnetic so that splintered parts can be detected by metal detectors and x-ray inspections in the food industry.

Stainless steel enclosure: This enclosure is primarilaly seen in the food industry where the printer unit needs to be fully enclosed during whashdown cleaning. The printer sits on a sliding plate so it can be pulled out for material changes. A temparture and humidty control is also an option.

Dust Protection Enclosure: This enclosure is offered for dusty environments that can get to the printer. The printer unit is sealed in a clear enclosure with an opening for where the labels dispense.This includes a fan with filter to provide over-pressure which helps keep dust out.


PLACES-TO-BUY: Barcodefactory cab Products

MANUFACTURER: cab Technology

MORE INFORMATION: Printer Enclosures

Most rugged and reliable mobile receipt printer

The RP Series are fast mobile thermal printers for the most rugged environments. They feature the latest wireless technology for untethered use, increasing worker productivity.

If you’re looking for an ultra-rugged and reliable mobile receipt printer for route accounting, direct store delivery, citation printing, car rental return receipts and more, look no further than the RP Series. This tough competitor withstands drops and exposure to dust and water, and is designed for all-day printing with a full-shift battery life.

RP Series mobile printers offer the most rugged and reliable performance for route accounting, direct store delivery, citation printing, car rental return receipts and field service workers. Frequent drops, vibration and exposure to dust and water are just a few examples of the regular abuse that mobile printers endure. The RP Series printers are designed to withstand these harsh conditions and give you years of reliable thermal receipt and label printing.

The RP Series mobile printers are built for the most rugged environments with a wide temperature spec and IP54 rating for dust and moisture ingress. They are optimized for all-day receipt printing at up to five inches per second and are designed for label printing as well. The RP Series comes in different print widths to match your particular application, and each version can print a range of print widths as well.


PLACES-TO-BUY: Honeywell Mobile Printers

Datalogic Skorpio X4

Datalogic is pleased to announce its new Skorpio X4 mobile computer: an important evolution for the extremely successful Skorpio product line of compact mobile computers that has set a new standard in the market! The strong commitment to the Retail market is confirmed, while Skorpio X4 represents a reliable and rugged companion for Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics and Healthcare verticals in all their typical warehousing applications.
Skorpio X4 features an all new architecture supporting tremendous speed improvements with Windows Embedded Compact (WEC7), while also supporting an easy migration path to Android.

Whether in department or specialty stores, in hyperstores and supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery or DIY, Datalogic’s Skorpio X4 mobile computer fits most any retail in-store requirement for mobile data collection or validation.  And with the optional pistol-grip, this unit is also ready for the demanding back-end receiving and warehousing environments as well!

Equipped with the largest high-visibility color graphics display (3.2 in.) in its class, the Skorpio X4 mobile computer helps users work more efficiently. With a choice of Windows Embedded Compact or Android™ Operating Systems, the Skorpio X4 mobile computer delivers the ultimate in ergonomics, intuitive user interface, computing and data capture technologies, combined with best-in-class ruggedness.

Key features and Benefits

  • Choice of Windows embedded or Android™ Operating Systems: the Skorpio X4 mobile computer features a high performance multi-core 1 GHz architecture that offers blazing speed when running Windows Embedded Compact (WEC7) OS and allows easy upgradeability to the Android OS. Users will never run out of memory with the standard 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Flash
  • Oustanding User Interface: equipped with the largest high-visibility 3.2 inch color display touch screen in its class, the Skorpio X4 mobile computer helps users work more efficiently.
  • Ergonomic and reliable: this rugged mobile computer is particularly suitable for mobile commerce solutions in the retail environment, both in-store and back-end receiving applications. With the best ergonomics on the market, the Skorpio X4 mobile computer reduces operator fatigue with no compromise in terms of reliability and robustness. The Pistol-grip model has the most durable and comfortable handle in the industry.
  • Leverages current Skorpio X3 accessories: The Skorpio X4 mobile computer has full compatibility with all Skorpio X3 accessories.

Typical Applications

  • Retail Shop Floor Applications: Mark downs, inventory, restocking tasks, in-store picking, shipping/receiving
  • Retail Front-End:  Queue-Busting, Assisted Selling
  • Warehousing: Back office inventory management, picking, shipping/receiving, etc.

The Barcodefactory offers a great selection of Mobile Devices for all types of applications to suit multi business types. You can find more products from Datalogic listed under their brands pages.


Manufacturer: Datalogic Mobile Computers
Places-to-buy: Barcodefactory Mobile Computers
Download PDF: Skorpio-X4-description

The Zebra ZT600 Series built with more Intelligence and Industrial Brawn

The ZT600 series industrial printers targets markets such as manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation and logistics. Some Key Applications are Work-in-Progress Tracking, Product ID and Serial Numbers, Cross Docking, Compliance Labeling, Receiving/Put-Away Labeling. The ZT610 and ZT620 provide 24/7 reliability. These new duo industrial printers features next-generation operational visibility, control and adaptability to meet evolving needs.

ZT600 Series Video:


The ZT610 industrial printer offers a 4.09in print width and the options of selecting a 203, 300 or 600dpi print resolution.

It comes with the standard communication methods of Serial, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, USB Host and Bluetooth 4.0. Optional methods are Parallel, 802.11 a/c, Applicator Port and IPv6. This printer boasts an all metal housing to withstand the harshest environments.




The ZT620 industrial printer offers a 6.6in print width and the options of selecting 203 or 300dpi print resolution.

This printer comes standard with Serial, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, USB Host and Bluetooth 4.0 communication methods. Some optional methods are Parallel, 802.11 a/c, Applicator Port and IPv6 are available communication interfaces offered from Zebra Technologies.



Manufacturer: Zebra Technologies
Places-to-buy: BarcodeFactory Zebra Products
Download PDF: Zebra Zt600 Series Brochure


Coming soon August/September 2017 the Cab Mach 4S

Cab Technology will be offering soon a new printer with the power of SQUIX and a different look with the MACH 4S. The user interface will be similar to that of a smartphone with direct access to individual menu items. The MACH 4S has a large color display with touch functionality.

The printer will come in three variants. The Basic version B for printing on all materials that are wound on rolls or reels of fanfold labels. The Dispensing version P in addition to the basic model the labels can be dispensed. And finally the Basic version with cutter C which labels or continuous material can be cut at a height of just 12mm.

The Mach 4S will be replacing the older MACH 4S printer model sometime this August/September when stock becomes available. You can find this printer and more from Cab Technologies with the BarcodeFactory printing and labeling experts.


MANUFACTURER: Cab Technologies
PLACES-TO-BUY: BarcodeFactory Cab Products
DOWNLOAD PDF: Cab Mach 4S Brochure

Impinj R120 Single Port Reader

The Impinj Speedway R120 reader is a single port, enterprise fixed reader that delivers RAIN RFID performance that optimizes read zones for single read situations. The R120 supports up to 8 antennas that provides a low cost opportunity to create contiguous read zones to a single reader. With it’s 24/7 maximum performance delivering the industries proven enterprise class reliability and performance.

Key Features: 

  • Senses & Adapts to Environment – Impinj Autopilot technology automatically optimizes the reader’s operation for it’s environment.
  • One Antenna Port – Extendable up to 8 antennas with the Speedway R120 Port Pack
  • Simple yet Flexible Deployment – Antennas, software and tools that support diverse applications and skill levels

Some typical use scenarios would be Inventory Management, Enhanced Shopper Experience and Analytics. Ensuring your staff has the supplies they need, when and where they need them. Receive accurate information about the location, availability and consumption of supplies.

RAIN RFID Experience Center Introduction Video:


PLACES-TO-BUY: BarcodeFactory Impinj

Datalogic RFID Pocket Reader

Looking for the perfect wireless RFID reader suitable for Grocery Distribution, Store & Stock Retail as well as Non-Food Retail? The RFID Pocket Reader from Datalogic with Bluetooth wireless technology has UHF RFID technology which, could be the perfect solution to your RFID tracking business needs.

The DLR-BT001 features:

  • EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C compliant
  • Battery Powered
  • USB and Bluetooth wireless communications
  • iPhone/iPad compatibility
  • Vibration Feedback
  • LCD Display

This RFID pocket reader has UHF RFID technology allowing information to be read and written on devices, name tags or transponders placed on objects for their identification. Read/Write operations can occur without a line-of-sight, at longer distances and faster speeds compared to other passive technologies. This creates a less expensive, more efficient and automated process.

Datalogic also offers accessories for the RFID pocket reader like the Three-Slot Charger base with Bluetooth technology.
Datalogic’s part number MBC-DLRBT001 3-Slot Charger.



MANUFACTURER: Datalogic RFID Pocket Reader
PLACES-TO-BUY:  BarcodeFactory DLR-BT001 RFID Reader