8680i Wearable Mini Strap Glove

The Honeywell wearable strap glove for the 8680i mini mobile computer is available for right (part# 8680i505RHSGH ) or left (part# 8680i505LHSGH) hand applications. You will need to purchase the glove mount to attach your mobile device to the strap.

The 8680i Wearable Mini Mobile Computer is available in Advanced and Standard versions to drive efficiency and workflow improvements in postal/parcel, warehouse/DC, manufacturing, airlines, and retail operations. Honeywell is pleased to announce the new strap glove accessory, which securely positions the device on the back of the user’s hand for optimum dexterity, ergonomics, and user comfort, and is constructed of highly durable materials for long lifespan and reduced consumable costs.

Honeywell 8680i Mini Mobile Computer

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