Cab Mach 4S

Cab Technology will be offering soon a new printer with the power of SQUIX and a different look with the MACH 4S. The user interface will be similar to that of a smartphone with direct access to individual menu items. The MACH 4S has a large color display with touch functionality.

The printer will come in three variants. The Basic version B for printing on all materials that are wound on rolls or reels of fanfold labels. The Dispensing version P in addition to the basic model the labels can be dispensed. And finally the Basic version with cutter C which labels or continuous material can be cut at a height of just 12mm.

The Mach 4S will be replacing the older MACH 4S printer model sometime this August/September when stock becomes available. You can find this printer and more from Cab Technologies with the BarcodeFactory printing and labeling experts.

MANUFACTURER: Cab Technologies
PLACES-TO-BUY: BarcodeFactory Cab Products
DOWNLOAD PDF: Cab Mach 4S Brochure

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