FlexDock from Honeywell

FlexDock Modular Docking System

A uniquely scalable, space-saving solution for Honeywell mobile computers, printers and batteries. Cost-effective bases provide multiple options for charging and/or data communications. And a common interface between cups and bays gives you greater flexibility within a single dock base.

Field-replaceable cups allow you to configure or reconfigure the FlexDock base in the field to match your changing needs. A modular and extensible design, with replaceable cups, allows for field configuration or reconfiguration of the FlexDock base to match changing needs
(For details, see the FlexDock System Accessory Guide.)
Technology refresh? Simply exchange the interchangeable device or battery cups. You can reuse the existing docking system infrastructure with new product generations. When it’s time to upgrade devices, FlexDock provides an extremely cost-effective means
of preserving infrastructure investments. Cups for the new mobile computers, printers, handheld scanners and battery packs can easily be snapped into existing bases. No more “rip and replace” or costly installation and rewiring necessary – just snap and go. Intermec’s modular and extensible FlexDock System adapts to your current rugged mobile device docking requirements, while easing the transition to future deployments.
FlexDock is designed for large-scale deployments. Its small footprint allows for high density docking solutions, leveraging standard 19-inch IT racking solutions. In addition to its ground-breaking modular design, FlexDock also improves utilization of valuable backroom storage space. The FlexDock Rack Mount allows FlexDock bases to be mounted in standard 19-inch IT equipment racks, enabling convenient vertical stacking of docks within a significantly smaller footprint.
MANUFACTURER: Honeywell FlexDock
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