Cab Mach 4S

July 14, 2017 Warren_W 0

Cab Technology will be offering soon a new printer with the power of SQUIX and a different look with the MACH 4S. The user interface […]

Datalogic DLRBT001

June 28, 2017 Warren_W 0

Looking for the perfect wireless RFID reader suitable for Grocery Distribution, Store & Stock Retail as well as Non-Food Retail? The RFID Pocket Reader from […]

Datalogic DL Axist

June 27, 2017 Warren_W 0

Datalogic Axist Full Touch PDA The DL-Axistâ„¢ PDA is a rugged PDA with Android and a brilliant, full touch, 5-inch screen. With industrial robustness, this […]

Sato WS4

February 27, 2017 Warren_W 0

WS4 World Standard Desktop Printer The Sato WS4 Printer Series is designed to be easy-to-use with flexible media capability and enhanced connectivity. It is highly […]

SNAP SmartSensor

February 7, 2017 Warren_W 0

Sensing Network Appliance (SNAP) SmartSensor The SNAP SmartSensor is loaded with the technology you need to obtain unprecedented real-time visibility into what is happening on […]

FlexDock from Honeywell

February 6, 2017 Warren_W 0

FlexDock Modular Docking System A uniquely scalable, space-saving solution for Honeywell mobile computers, printers and batteries. Cost-effective bases provide multiple options for charging and/or data […]