Printer covers and environmental enclosures

Cab Technology, Inc. has developed special covers and environmental enclosures that may be required for certain industries that we are now offering. Find more information regarding specific enclosures for your printing application and environment. The Barcodefactory offers cab products and help with any type of printing application that is required to suit your business needs.

• ESD [Electrotatic Discharge] Cover: This cover protects from electrostatic charges. The cover is made of a conductive plastic and complies with the ESD standard.
• Magentic Cover: This cover is magnetic so that splintered parts can be detected by metal detectors and x-ray inspections in the food industry.
• Stainless steel enclosure: This enclosure is primarilaly seen in the food industry where the printer unit needs to be fully enclosed during whashdown cleaning. The printer sits on a sliding plate so it can be pulled out for material changes. A temparture and humidty control is also an option.
• Dust Protection Enclosure: This enclosure is offered for dusty environments that can get to the printer. The printer unit is sealed in a clear enclosure with an opening for where the labels dispense.This includes a fan with filter to provide over-pressure which helps keep dust out.

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