Extend your printheads lifespan

have you heard the newsDid you know that using certified printer supplies can extend printhead lifespan and improve a printer’s operational efficiency?

Not only protecting your customer’s investment but extending your relationship by providing a great product with a wide selection of supplies offered by one of the leading companies in the barcode and label business. Zebra products range from barcode printers to labels that will meet any application requirements.


Find out more on how you can purchase Zebra OEM brand products from a leading online supplier of barcode labeling products.

Search for yourself and see what Zebra Technologies has to offer.

android os logoAndroid for Mobile Computers

How did Android get so popular with Mobile Devices in the barcoding Industry? Not, only has it become one of the most reputable and commonly used operating systems for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices such as handheld computers today. Companies like Zebra, Honeywell and other have built platforms for their mobile devices around the popular OS not only because it’s a familiar system with Smartphones all over the world but, provides enterprise reliability with a familiar interface.

zebra android mobile computer

Some of today’s Mobile Computer’s that utilize the Android OS are from major brands such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell  and Janam. You can purchase products such as Mobile Computers, Scanners, Tablets and Handheld Phone-Like devices making your workers more productive and saving your business costly dollars on less mobile platforms and restricting your employees by limiting their working distance from using fixed devices.


Find out more on what Android can do for you and your business by searching popular brands products from the Barcodefactory. Put Android to work for you today!

Retail NOW 2018 Point of Sale Technology Industry

retail now 2018 showEVENT OVERVIEW

The time has come for you to join RSPA, the only association dedicated to connecting the players in the Point of Sale technology industry, in Nashville for RetailNOW 2018! Get ready to embrace new opportunities that will impact your business AND our community of leading professionals.

Plan for 4 days of:

  • 50 Plus Hours of High Impact Education Tracks
  • 160 Plus Exhibitor Stops in the Expo Hall
  • Unlimited Face-to-Face Networking Opportunities
What Is RetailNOW?

This annual event brings leaders, innovators, and channel players together to develop relationships necessary for any successful business within the general retail technology industry. The diversity of attendees and exhibitors allows for the very best in education, thought leadership, and product availability paramount to the strength and growth of the industry. It is where the industry meets.

Each year technology professionals traverse across countries to become educated on new business trends, emerging technologies and best business practices, to grow their channel business in North America and also to explore a diverse expo hall with over 160 exhibitors featuring the latest solutions in the industry.

Who Attends RetailNow?

Agents, Dealers, Resellers & Value Added Resellers, Managed Service Providers of technology solutions selling into the SMB space or any retail environments within North America attend RetailNOW. When we say “Retail,” we mean any place where commerce happens. The most common verticals represented include: Hospitality, Restaurant, Retail, Grocery, C-Store, SMB, Financial Services and more. This is not an end user show, so there are no merchants, retailers or restaurateurs that attend. Questions to ask yourself if you’re considering attendance:

  • Are my merchants looking for solutions that I don’t currently provide?
  • Am I missing out on revenue by not providing additional solutions like security, networking, digital signage, back office, accounting tools, etc?
  • Would my team benefit from engaging with other technology providers who have overcome the exact same challenges that I am facing today?
  • Do I have a solution now that I am selling direct and I am looking to launch a Reseller channel in the future?
  • Could I benefit from education that will help strengthen my business and expand my offerings?
  • What don’t I know about the industry I serve?

retail now 2018 registration

Who Exhibits At RetailNOW?

Technology providers that utilize a form of a Reseller channel to get their solutions into the SMB market or companies that offer support solutions to help the Reseller’s business. Hardware Manufacturers, Software developers, Payments companies, Distribution partners, Managed Service Providers. If you are wondering if your company should have a presence on the show floor you may be asking yourself:

  • Am I looking to meet with or grow my channel partners to expand my reach?
  • Does my company have solutions that can help VARs transition to MSPs?
  • Could my business benefit from connecting with other people who have successfully grown and sustained their own channel?

retail now 2018 partner list


Found out more by visiting the Official Website on the RetailNOW Point-of-Sale Technology event held in Nashville, TN

MODEX 2018 was a great success for Sato

MODEX 2018 was a great success, and we would like to provide a brief recap of all the highlights from the show. The new technologies displayed were exciting and promised for a future-proof supply chain. Over 30,000 people from 110 countries walked the show floor in Atlanta, and over 900 exhibitors demonstrated their latest technologies. Do not miss the photos and videos we made with our SATO Prestige Partners.
Also in this issue, a great way to save money! Take advantage of our promotion for print engines and your customers will thank you. Get the latest price list and media price list to stay-up-to-date and take advantage of the complimentary white paper.

sato modex 2018

At MODEX 2018, we took the opportunity to ask print and apply subject matter experts questions about future trends for the supply chain industry, print and apply labeling systems, and how SATO can help to improve business. Thank you to all our partners who participated and providing valuable insight into your current print and apply labeling applications.

sato modex 2018 crowd

In case you could not make it to MODEX 2018, we got you covered. It was a fantastic show, and we had some great conversations! We captured the latest solutions from our partners and visited customers to see print and apply solutions in action. Browse through SATO’s photo album and see if you can spot your booth! 

Check out the interviews below:



Check out all Sato brand Printers and Labels here

Honeywell Media Comparison Guide and Free Sample Kit

About Honeywell Print Media Supplies
With more than 40 years of experience developing printers and print media, Honeywell has the expertise and manufacturing resources to provide media products ranging from straightforward direct thermal or thermal transfer paper labels to complex film products suited for all types of applications and industries. Our experts can help you not only choose the most appropriate in-stock label media, but also work with you to develop custom or pre-printed labels to meet your precise needs. Honeywell offers you a wide variety of label media to support different printing technologies and your different application needs. Both paper and synthetic labels are available, for use with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers.

honeywell media comparison guide

thanks for choosing honeywell media


We stock a wide variety of label media to support thermal printing technologies and the broadest array of needs. Paper and synthetic labels are available for use with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers.

You can purchase all your Honeywell Media at the Barcodefactory

More information on all Honeywell Products can be found here.

Discover your next best move with using Savanna

Don’t just collect data. Put data to work with Zebra Savanna, a breakthrough data intelligence platform. Delivering total Enterprise Asset Intelligence, Savanna makes it easy to collect data from Zebra devices and sensors in real-time, then it analyzes that data to give you a more complete picture of your business and help you discover your next best move.

Savanna is at the heart of a new generation of enterprise applications and solutions that will digitally transform the way you work. With next-level analytics capabilities, Savanna shows you a path to totally transform your workflows and increase efficiency, making your business more productive and profitable.

How Savanna Works

Combining Internet of Things (IoT) end-point connectivity, configuration management, data transport, data storage, analytics and machine learning into one platform, Zebra Savanna turns raw data from devices and sensors into actionable intelligence for your business.

Where Savanna Works

Savanna enables solutions to access and process data directly from Zebra devices and sensors, making solutions in every industry more intelligent and more productive. These are some of the solutions that already use Savanna to make a difference in the enterprise. But that’s just the start. With new solutions on the horizon, Savanna will constantly drive industry to evolve through intelligence.

Data Collection

Smart sensors and Zebra devices securely collect operational data from the edge of your business, from barcodes being scanned, to device location and device health.

Data Analytics

Savanna stores, processes and integrates the information collected, combining real-time data from devices with historic data, to create a complete picture and intelligent insight of your business.

Data Application

Savanna powers applications with raw and intelligent data via secured and structured APIs, enabling your solutions to recommend the next best move, to boost efficiency and optimize your workflows.

SmartPack gives you real-time visibility into loading processes to increase efficiency across your current infrastructure and workforce, allowing you to support higher delivery volumes and reduce economic impact on your business.

SmartLens for Retail turns your entire store into a smart store that automatically senses and records the location and movement of virtually everything in your retail store and turns that data into easy-to-read actionable intelligence that delivers real competitive advantage.



PLACES-TO-BUY: Zebra Products

The core of what makes Zebra DNA so exceptional

zebra dna transforming printers from the inside

Better Performance
Zebra DNA enables printers to perform at their peak, while Zebra’s customizable printer UX flattens learning curves. Print DNA gives organizations the fastest, most accurate and best-performing printers on the market.

Simplified Remote Management
Remote management tools make it simple to deploy large fleets of printers across multiple locations. IT can now maintain, secure and troubleshoot printers from anywhere, at any time — freeing up operations to focus on work, rather than printers.

Easier Integration
Print DNA enables fast and easy integration into existing infrastructures, with applications that emulate non-Zebra legacy languages, removing the need to rewrite print solutions. This reduces disruptions to operations during printer installations.

zebra print dna




Looking to find your replacement parts for your Zebra brand label printer?

The Barcodefactory offers a quick solution to help you find that factory replacement part for your label printer fast with their free online parts search tool. Whether you need to replace a printhead or platen roller they offer the most extensive OEM parts available and backed by their ZASP certified staff.

Simply just select the product type; printer, scanner or mobile device. Then, select the Manufacturer brand of the product type and lastly select the model associated to the brand. All the available parts are then displayed for your selection to purchase. All parts are sold as new as supplied by the Manufacturer to properly work with your printer, scanner or mobile device.

The Barcodefactory offers extended warranties for all their printers available from Zebra Technologies. Call 888.237.8525 to speak with a Zebra Certified representative during business hours of M-F 8am-8pm EST or simply fill out the online form and a person will be in contact within 24 hours. You may also use their FREE online Chat.

Why attend NRF 2018 Retail Show? Experience the latest trends, technologies and solutions.

NRF 2018 is Retail’s Big Show. It’s retail’s most important three-day conference, which brings together the largest gathering of industry executives for discussions of the latest industry trends and gives attendees an unparalleled view into how retail brands of all sizes are transforming themselves for the digital age. The event offers unique networking opportunities and a glimpse of the latest technologies and solutions for retailers. For more than a century, NRF’s annual convention and EXPO has been the annual gathering for industry luminaries and leaders, and it remains the place where big things happen in retail.

Powerful content: ideas and insights to drive the future.

Solutions: The latest retail technology and innovations. See more than 500 exhibitors in the EXPO. Witness the future in the Innovation Lab. Find out here how to get a FREE EXPO Pass.

Big Names. Big Ideas. Big Show.

Find out more on how to Register for this event!

End of Sale Announcement for Zebra 105sl+ and Zebra Xi Series Printers

Zebra announces the end of sale for 105SLPlus and Xi Printers, (110xi4, 140xi4 and 170xi4 printers). Zebra will no longer market or promote the 105SLPlus, 110X14, 140Xi4, 170X14 and R110Xi4 industrial printers. These printers have been replaced with the next-generation ZT610, ZT620 and ZT510 printers. The last book date for the 105SLPlus and Xi printers is May 2, 2018.

Effective April 2, 2018, all printers will migrate to the ZT4510 for 105sl+, and ZT600 series for the xi printers. These new printers are available today and are rich with features not found in the previous models, but are priced the same and function the same.

Find the Part Number and Replacement below:

Zebra 105SLPlus Printers

Current Part Number                                     Replaced By

102-801-00000 ZT51042-T010000Z               Standard ZT510 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm)

102-801-00100 ZT51042-T110000Z               Standard ZT510 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), Cutter

102-801-00200 ZT51042-T210000Z               Standard ZT510 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), Rewind with Peel

102-8K1-00000 ZT51042-T01A000Z               Standard ZT510 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), 802.11ac

103-801-00000 ZT51043-T010000Z               Standard ZT510 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm)

103-801-00100 ZT51043-T110000Z               Standard ZT510 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), Cutter

103-801-00200 ZT51043-T210000Z               Standard ZT510 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), Rewind with Peel

103-8K1-00000 ZT51043-T01A000Z               Standard ZT510 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), 802.11ac


Zebra 110Xi4 Industrial Printers

Current Part Number                                     Replaced By

112-801-00000 ZT61042-T010100Z               Standard ZT610 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm)

112-801-00100 ZT61042-T110100Z               Standard ZT610 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), Cutter

112-801-00200 ZT61042-T210100Z               Standard ZT610 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), Rewind with Peel

112-8K1-00000 ZT61042-T01A100Z               Standard ZT610 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), 802.11ac

R12-801-00000-R0 ZT61042-T0101A0Z         Standard ZT610 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), UHF RFID(US/Canada)

113-801-00000 ZT61043-T010100Z               Standard ZT610 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm)

113-801-00100 ZT61043-T110100Z               Standard ZT610 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), Cutter

113-801-00200 ZT61043-T210100Z               Standard ZT610 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), Rewind with Peel

113-8K1-00000 ZT61043-T01A100Z               Standard ZT610 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), 802.11ac

R13-801-00000-R0 ZT61043-T0101A0Z         Standard ZT610 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), UHF RFID (US/Canada)

116-801-00001 ZT61046-T010100Z               Standard ZT610 with 600 DPI (24 dots/mm)

116-801-00201 ZT61046-T210100Z               Standard ZT610 with 600 DPI (24 dots/mm), Rewind with Peel

R16-801-00000-R0 ZT61046-T0101A0Z         Standard ZT610 with 600 DPI (24 dots/mm), UHF RFID (US/Canada)


Zebra 170Xi4 Industrial Printers

Current Part Number                                     Replaced By

172-801-00000 ZT62062-T010100Z               Standard ZT620 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm)

172-801-00100 ZT62062-T110100Z               Standard ZT620 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), Cutter

172-801-00200 ZT62062-T210100Z               Standard ZT620 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), Rewind with Peel

172-8K1-00000 ZT62062-T01A100Z               Standard ZT620 with 203 DPI (8 dots/mm), 802.11ac

170-801-00000 ZT62063-T010100Z               Standard ZT620 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm)

170-801-00100 ZT62063-T110100Z               Standard ZT620 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), Cutter

170-801-00200 ZT62063-T210100Z               Standard ZT620 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), Rewind with Peel

170-8K1-00000 ZT62063-T01A100Z               Standard ZT620 with 300 DPI (12 dots/mm), 802.11ac

For more information or to schedule a consultation on Zebra ZT series printers, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will replace the 140Xi4?
A: The 140Xi4 will not be replaced. If the media used is more than 4.09” in width, the ZT620 should be used as the replacement printer.

Q: What will happen to the 220Xi4?
A: The 220Xi4 is not being discontinued and will remain available indefinitely.

Q: Are there any features that were standard on the 105SLPlus or Xi4 printers that are not standard on the ZT510/ZT600 series printers?
A: The Parallel port is now an optional connectivity card, part number P1083320-040.

Q: Are there any features that are standard on the ZT600 and ZT510 printers that were either options or not available on the ZT510/ZT600 series printers?
A: The bi-fold media door with clear window and the media supply spindle are now standard on the ZT610 and ZT620 (had been standard only on 600DPI 110Xi4).

Q: Will the same labels and formats work with the replacement printers?
A: Yes, provided the width and DPI match.

Q: What if I need a SKU that isn’t listed, for example a ZT610 with wireless and rewind?
A: If the SKU you are replacing isn’t listed in this notice or the regional price list, you will need to order the base model with the correct media handling option (tear/rewind/cutter), and the connectivity/RFID option kit(s). In the above example, you would order the ZT610 with rewind and the wireless connectivity option kit. Wireless connectivity can be added to any ZT510/ZT610/ZT620 printer, and UHF RFID can be added to any ZT610 or ZT620 printer.


Places-to-Buy: Zebra Printers
Manufacturer: Zebra Technologies