Android OS for Mobile Devices

android os logoAndroid for Mobile Computers

How did Android get so popular with Mobile Devices in the barcoding Industry? Not, only has it become one of the most reputable and commonly used operating systems for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices such as handheld computers today. Companies like Zebra, Honeywell and other have built platforms for their mobile devices around the popular OS not only because it’s a familiar system with Smartphones all over the world but, provides enterprise reliability with a familiar interface.

zebra android mobile computer

Some of today’s Mobile Computer’s that utilize the Android OS are from major brands such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell¬† and Janam. You can purchase products such as Mobile Computers, Scanners, Tablets and Handheld Phone-Like devices making your workers more productive and saving your business costly dollars on less mobile platforms and restricting your employees by limiting their working distance from using fixed devices.


Find out more on what Android can do for you and your business by searching popular brands products from the Barcodefactory. Put Android to work for you today!