Heads up display from Zebra

Ready to ditch your handheld mobile devices? Zebra has a solution in favor of hands-free solutions! What can the heads up display do for you and your business?

zebra heads up display or HUD

Wearable mobile devices are all the rage in today’s techonology and when it comes to warehousing and keeping your workers accessorized with everything from smart glasses to smart watches. Wrist-strapped barcode scanners also promise to inrease intelligence and productivity. But, one wearable device that demands a closer look in the coming months is the “heads-up-display” or HUD.

What is HUD?

Heads-up-displays or HUD for short were first used by the Military fighter jet pilots who needed to be able to see data related to their aircrafts with the heads in an “up” and looking forwared, instead of angled down looking at lower instruments. But, it’s not just the Military taking advantage of HUD technologies today.

The Auto manufacturing industry integrates windshield-projected heads-up displays as both stabdard and optional features in certain models. This helps keep the drivers eyes infront of them and focused on the road.

Manufacturers ars and their supply chain partners are setting their sights on a diiferent type of HUD technology and the above two-type of scenarios.

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