Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is not only barcode friendly it has over 25 Million units sold! It’s worth the $75 to invest in it and find out what it can do.

It’s a tiny computer (about the size of a id card) that’s a powerhouse of performance. The latest version is the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ and it’s quite impressive with the amount of code and community support available. Also, worth mentioning it’s compatibility with barcode scanners.

Connecting your bar code scanner to Raspberry Pi

The circuit board has 4 USB which makes it easy to connect compatible scanners. Connecting the Motorola LS2208 will work just fine. There should be no software updates or patches needed to plug it in and start scanning.

Within the community some users found the voltage output of their Pi was not sufficient enough to power certain scanners.

Pi community and Support

You can find thousands of projects, programs and videos available on all the social platforms like YouTube and GitHub.