Vartech 2019

Vartech offers ways for re-sellers to build relationships with hardware and software vendors. Expand your network with vendors and re-sellers in Point-of-Sale, ADC, Mobility, RFID, Digital Signage and more. Vartech will be scheduled September 16 & 17th, 2019 in Atlantis, Paradise Islands Bahamas. Vartech 2018 a successful event!

VARTECH offers you the chance to engage with the top hardware and software vendors in the industry. With professional education events and exclusive hands-on demonstrations during the CodeZone exhibit, you will get the opportunity to network with the finest and brightest channel specialists and, most importantly, learn about solutions that will help you grow your business.

Future Trends of POS / mPOS

The consequences of technological innovation and a move to mobility have the potential to disrupt many different industries in the coming future. Then, of course, there is the worry – is everybody going cashless? The Point-of-Sale ecosphere is not immune to such oncoming changes; the Channel will need to explore real-world challenges as implementation continues to progress. Long thought of as a solution best implemented for small businesses, mPOS continues to influence traditional POS lanes, making it critical to understand the key elements driving merchants towards mPOS solutions. Topics discussed in this session include:

  • What’s the reality of a cashless society?
  • How is cloud technology and its adaptation influencing POS and mPOS?
  • How is a personalized in-store experience changing the playing field?
  • What is the latest in Big Data and Analytics and its role with POS?
  • What is the current state of the mPOS ecosphere, and what are the newest innovations and trends?
  • How will changes in PCI compliance affect mobile solutions?
  • How will the increase in Mobile Payments continue to affect the POS lane?

IoT: Making it Tangible & Sellable

IoT and the 4th Industrial Revolution – By means of survival, it’s imperitive that resellers and ISVs adopt Industry 4.0 technologies to stay relevant and alive in this market. It’s not just about the sensors and the data analytics involved in IoT, it’s about understanding the value of the solution and how to optimize the hardware based on the current economic climate.

Managing Big Data and Information Gathering – The use of AI for decision making in IoT and data analytics will be crucial for efficient and effective decision-making, especially in the real-time analytics associated with edge computing networks. Real-time data is a key value proposition for all use cases and solutions invoved. What opportunities are there for resellers and what are the basic X’s and O’s for attacking them.

Managed Services as a Solution – IoT is ripe for managed services. Managed Services offer more customization, support, training, and value for end users. MSaaS service providers will configure their core software or custom-build new features to give end users 100% of what their business needs. Discussion will touch on how resellers, who do not sell MSaaS today, can move their business in this direction.

Cloud Solutions in Conjunction with Managed Services – Now we bring in the cloud. Depending on the end user’s needs, cloud MSPs can also handle monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup and recovery, and so much more. Again, we will explore the advantages of such services and how resellers can adjust their business accordingly.