The Voyager 1250g Single-Line Laser Scanner

honeywell 1250g handheld scannerThe Voyager 1250g single-line laser scanner combines the Voyager series’ proven performance with extended depth of field to make scanning out-of-reach items a breeze. It fits comfortably in most hands, reducing user fatigue in scan-intensive applications.

The ability to read barcodes up to 58.4 cm (23 in) away will make the job much more comfortable for your workers – for example, when your cashiers reach to scan larger items left in shopping carts, and your inventory takers scan products stored high atop shelves. The 1250g scanner is easy to use and efficient, so your team can be at its best. It’s optimized to scan linear barcodes fast even if you have poorly printed and damaged codes. That’s important because it minimizes the need for manual data entry. And that leads to increased productivity and fewer errors. Honeywell also made installation quick and painless with it’s plug-and-play feature by simply plugging in the device’s cable into the host PC and the scanner will do the rest.

The scanner can be purchased with the Flex Stand or with No Stand at all. Parts for the Voyager can also be found here.

honeywell-1250g-bannerhoneywell 1250g features


LS2208 Scanner kit with or without Stand

zebra ls2208 scanner kitThe LS2208 is the most affordable best selling scanner in the market today! This handheld barcode scanner can provide you fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. Available as a kit that can be purchased with or without the scanner stand for more of a handsfree scanning application. Find this scanner with a Stand or the without the stand.

With its patented single board construction, patented frictionless liquid polymer scan element, scratch resistant tempered glass exit window and a stringent drop and tumble specification, the LS2208 delivers reliable all-day, every day operation.

This scanner is designed for continuous usage all day, which significantly reduces downtime and repair costs. It provides accurate, first-time scanning. And since it is always ready for the next scan, this scanner can shorten check-out lines, improve customer service and increase productivity.

Find all available barcode scanners from Zebra Technologies here.

PW2NX Mobile Printer

sato pw2nx mobile printerThis is Sato’s next generation of IoT-equipped and rugged mobile printers designed for use across various industry platforms and their applications. Some Industries and Application uses are and not limited to Transportation & Logistics, Retail, Route Delivery and Healthcare. Just to name a few of the applications suitable for the mobile printer would be Sorting & Location, Item Processing, Cross Docking, Repricing/Markdowns, Delivery Proofs, Laboratory, Patient Records and Inventory Tracking. The PW2NX is a very versatile and rugged printer which can be used in all types of environments and not limiting the user with it’s Certified WiFi connection.

Features for this printer make it stand out among other printers in it’s class. With it’s robust connections such as a standard USB connector, Dual Radio operation for wide compatibility with many systems, Bluetooth 3.0 which is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, WiFi Certified and Dual band 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz to name only a few.

This printer supports seven-printer languages which are pre-installed for easy integration to existing applications.

sato smart technology banner

Find out how you can purchase this printer or learn more on how this printer from Sato can work for you and your business application.

View the products information PDF here.


Powerful RFID Tools

Find Free RFID tools like PowerSession which is a PC-based tool and demonstrates several capabilities of the reader including reading tags from multiple readers, exporting tags, controlling individual reader parameters and RFID protocol settings, upgrading reader firmware etc. It is an excellent tool that can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the RFID reader in a very effective manner.

free rfid tools

Rapidread is a demonstration application that runs on MC3190-Z and MC9X90 RFID handhelds. RapidRead provides wireless data capture information like the number (total and unique) of EPC Gen 2 RFID tags that are in range of the RFID handheld. RapidRead can also perform with a geiger counter mode to locate a specific tagged item. Specific characteristics such as size, color and style are input and audible and the visual cues will guide the user to that specific item.

Also, available SessionOne which, is a PC-based demo that shows the capabilities of the FX7400, FX7500, FX9500 and FX9600 fixed readers, including device discovery; inventory operations; access operations; export tags; and map and show pictures to tag IDs. You can download SessionOne here.

Microsoft BizTalk RFID is an RFID device management and event processing platform. It is designed to provide a scalable, extensible platform for development, deployment, and management of RFID solutions.

Find answers to your support questions about BizTalk for Handheld Readers. You’ll find a wealth of information and online assistance, including developer tools, software downloads, product manuals and online repair requests. Download BizTalk for Handheld Readers here.


You can find RFID printers, labels, tags and more here.


Extend your printheads lifespan

have you heard the newsDid you know that using certified printer supplies can extend printhead lifespan and improve a printer’s operational efficiency?

Not only protecting your customer’s investment but extending your relationship by providing a great product with a wide selection of supplies offered by one of the leading companies in the barcode and label business. Zebra products range from barcode printers to labels that will meet any application requirements.


Find out more on how you can purchase Zebra OEM brand products from a leading online supplier of barcode labeling products.

Search for yourself and see what Zebra Technologies has to offer.

The Datalogic Falcon X4

The Falcon X4 mobile computer represents the next generation of Datalogic’s flagship product and is ideal for Retail, Logistics, and many other applications requiring an extremely rugged and reliable mobile computer with keyboard.

Leveraging well-known ergonomics and the elegant design of the Falcon product line, the Falcon X4 mobile computer represents the next generation of Datalogic’s flagship product.  The Falcon X4 mobile computer is ideal for both Retail and Logistics applications both on the store floor and in the back office/warehouse.

datalogic falcon x4

Datalogic core technologies for data capture enable top scanning performance in reading any kind of 1D and 2D codes. Communicate over a superior TI 802.11 a/b/g/n radio with CCX v4 compliance and MIMO antenna technology for improved connectivity and coverage, or through wired standards including USB Hi-Speed, RS-232, Modem and Ethernet. Bluetooth® v4 provides support for the new low energy mode (BLE) and for improved voice recognition via wide band audio on Android models.

The Falcon X4 mobile computer is fully compatible with previous Falcon X3+ accessories and with most any existing CE applications.  The Falcon X4 mobile computer represents full protection for past investments of our end users and partners, but it also enables a new path to innovation and to the recent industry trends with the Android™ version (also up-gradable from Windows® WEC7 models).


Find out more on how you can purchase the new Datalogic Falcon X4 here.
Get more information on what other products are available from Datalogic. See a list of all their mobile computers here.

Wearable Computers for mobility

As smart watches, fitness trackers and other wearable technologies become more common in our daily lives, warehousing & distribution center workers are beginning to expect the same seamless usability and performance from the technology that they use on the job. Just as we no longer need to hold a device in our hand to receive a phone call, track steps or monitor social media, distribution center employees are looking for ways to free up their hands to be more productive and efficient in their daily tasks. And with companies losing on average more than $400,000 every year in picking errors, business owners are interested in new “connected worker” solutions that help improve accuracy and efficiency.

mobility edge from Honeywell

Today, many distribution centers are still using handheld scanners, paper-based picking methods and mobile computers to move and track goods in very hands-on, repetitive workflows like each picking for e-commerce. Early iterations of handheld scanners had wires, which at the time were an improvement, but restricted motion and became a nuisance when the wires got in the way. The industry has since moved to wireless handheld scanners, which eliminate that problem, but still don’t enable workers to work “hands-free”. Also, the use of paper- or even mobile-based picking methods requires the use of one’s hands. But hands-free and wearable technology is rapidly becoming the de-facto choice for modern distribution centers. From software that offers workers a voice-based connection to the warehouse management system (WMS), to wearable barcode scanners connected via wireless communication standards like Bluetooth®, technologies that help free up workers’ hands and connect them to data more fluidly are helping to move the industry toward the next era of efficiency in data capture and order fulfillment.

wearable mobile devices

For example, the industry has seen an increase in the adoption of voice-based solutions that instruct distribution center workers through their picking methods in real time, and enable them to input data verbally, eliminating the need for physical picking lists or labels that must be carried around and updated manually. In fact, in a survey 1 conducted by Honeywell and YouGov, 87 percent of U.S. respondents said that they anticipate transitioning to voice solutions by 2020.

You can find out more on wearable mobile devices at the Barcodefactory.

Creating a custom barcode label in 5 steps!

custom made barcode labels in 5 stepsDesigning a label for your product or customer using their company logo is easier than you think. You can easily categorize building a label in 5 steps. Understanding the difference between Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal labels would be determined before we start the process. This can be easily done by the labels application and environment. Once, this has been established we can then move forward to the first step in creating our own custom label even with the company logo added. These labels are not limited to any certain quantities and can be priced out by volume and annual usage.

First, by selecting your label width and length to meet your application needs. Second, choosing the color of your label whether it be plain white or a specific color it doesn’t matter it can be up to 6 PMS colors or a four-color process for any image. Third, choosing the material type of your label from multiple substrates like paper, all types of synthetics or even a reflective coating. Fourth, does your label require an adhesive backing or would it be removed from it’s location? You can choose from a multitude of adhesives from temp to permanent. Lastly, would the label need a liner? Backing materials come in standard silicone coated paper in various thicknesses or select a clear polyester liner that offers less mass, weight and is recyclable.


The entire process can be done cheaper than you think. There are a ton of businesses online capable of simplifying the process but, one stands out among all the rest with over 25 years in the business. The Barcodfactory has been in the barcode and labeling business for some time now and creating custom labels among other things is their specialty. You can find more information on custom making labels or get a free quote online with them.

android os logoAndroid for Mobile Computers

How did Android get so popular with Mobile Devices in the barcoding Industry? Not, only has it become one of the most reputable and commonly used operating systems for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices such as handheld computers today. Companies like Zebra, Honeywell and other have built platforms for their mobile devices around the popular OS not only because it’s a familiar system with Smartphones all over the world but, provides enterprise reliability with a familiar interface.

zebra android mobile computer

Some of today’s Mobile Computer’s that utilize the Android OS are from major brands such as Zebra Technologies, Honeywell  and Janam. You can purchase products such as Mobile Computers, Scanners, Tablets and Handheld Phone-Like devices making your workers more productive and saving your business costly dollars on less mobile platforms and restricting your employees by limiting their working distance from using fixed devices.


Find out more on what Android can do for you and your business by searching popular brands products from the Barcodefactory. Put Android to work for you today!

RFID Systems with a low cost per read point

honeywell if2 rfid readerThe compact, cost-effective IF2 Network Reader supports diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read point.

Packaged in a small and lightweight, yet durable enclosure, the IF2 is suited for nearly any environment, including industrial warehouse and manufacturing operations and enterprise environments for asset and inventory management applications.

Packaged in a small and lightweight, yet durable enclosure, the IF2 is suited for nearly any environment, including industrial warehouse and manufacturing operations and enterprise environments for asset and inventory management applications.

Reduces System and Deployment Costs for Large and Small Installations

With a focus on keeping the cost of ancillary equipment and installation low, the IF2 Network Reader includes features that reduce the costs and complexity of the overall solution. Not only does the low-profile enclosure with integrated mounting slots allow the IF2 to be easily installed in virtually any environment, the IF2 also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) for scalable deployments without the cost of adding electrical drops where AC line power is not available or practical. An optional DC converter is available to support conventional wall power. Either power method supports the full RF output power capability of the IF2 (up to 30 dBm).


Find out more on the Honeywell IF2 Network Reader here or purchase this product at the Barcodefactory.