Cab XC6/XC4 Two Color Thermal Printer

2 Color Thermal Transfer Printing, 5ips print speed, USB & Internal Ethernet interfaces. It comes equipped with a metal cover and can hold rolls in up to 12-inches OD, while using the same operations as the A series, making it a user friendly thermal transfer printing system. The Can XC series is a perfect solution for the criteria and label obligations for chemicals according to GHS standards. CAB XC4 Two-Color Printer



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cab xc series


XC6 Two-Color Printer – 6-inch version

XC4 Two-Color Printer – 4-inch version

Need of a label that can dissolve in water within seconds?

Water Dissolvable Labels

 Barcodefactory has the Solution


Barcodefactory’s water dissolvable label dissolves within seconds in water. The label face stock and adhesive is designed to wash away in any temperature water with no sticky residue left behind!


Our durable, high quality water dissolvable custom made labels makes it convenient for temporary label applications such as:

  • Food rotation and Food Safety Labels
  • Food tray markings & identification
  • Container labeling
  • Laboratory labels
  • Temporary Retail Labeling – jars, picture frames, plates, cups…

Whether you need a blank thermal label or a customized label, Barcodefactory label experts are here to help you and your customer find the best solution for any application!

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Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Labels?

Creating and printing barcode labels can be a difficult task but, starting out by determining which form of label your printer will allow you to print on is a great start! Choosing between Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal labels starts with the printer you have available and the type of application you require to start creating and printing labels. Thermal Transfer labels do require a thermal printer ribbon to generate images or text to print readable barcodes on a label whereas a Direct Thermal label do not. Direct Thermal printing requires the use of thermochromic paper, or better know as thermal paper, when passed over the printhead the heat causes a chemical interaction and thus creating the text or image sent from the printer software.


The benefits of using a Direct Thermal only printer are that one creating labels do not require purchasing ribbons but, direct thermal labels can be a bit more expensive than that of Thermal Transfer labels. Direct thermal labels are most commonly used by shippers where the labels have a short life span as opposed to a Thermal Transfer application where someone might need a label to withstand time and  the elements. Thermal Transfer labels are more generally used where time, environments such as warehouses that expose the label to harsh weather and even where the labels is exposed to the sun.


How does one determine the labels they are currently using are Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal? One simple way would be to use a heat source closely placed behind the label to see if there is a reaction coming from the chemicals where the label would turn black from the heat source.


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Zebra brand labels for all types of applications

Zebra labels come in thousands of sizes, materials, and colors for a variety of uses, such as UPC labeling, synthetic-waterproof applications, jewelry tags, nursery tags, fan-fold labels, tickets, and much more.

Direct Thermal Zebra Labels – do not require you purchase and use a thermal ribbon to print on a label

Thermal Transfer Labels – Do require that you purchase and use a Thermal Ribbon to print on a label.

Zebra Receipt Paper – ensures that your images and text print clear and crisp and the documents remain readable their entire life.

Z-Perform Tags – are a standard bright white smooth Paper Tag specially coated to provide a quality print for performance and price.

Z-Select Tags – are a premium, bright white, ultra smooth paper tag coated for optimal performance. Available in Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal.

Listing of available Zebra labels from BarcodeFactory

Zebra PolyPro Synthetic Tags are a White matte polypropylene tag that provides the best all around performance for most applications. Resistant to scratching and smearing, temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and 1-2 years outdoors.

Z-Ultimate Synthetic Tags are a gloss polyester 8.0mil laminated tag that provides superior smear and scratch resistance, resistance to moderate chemicals, temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 3 years outdoors.
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Zebra GX Series barcode and labels printers – GX420t Thermal Transfer  – GX430t & GX420d Direct Thermal


The Zebra GX series direct thermal and thermal transfer (Zebra GX430T) models are a perfect solution to a desktop application. Reliable and budget minded for superior savings and reliability which cuts costs in every aspect of printing labels and thermal ribbon usage. These printers are equipped 203dpi, a 4-inch print width and connectivity using serial, parallel and USB interfaces. Some models are available as an option with a cutter, peel & present option and real-time-clock installed. * 6Ft USB cable included with purchase

Printer Specs: 203dpi (dots per inch) – Standard 8mb SDRAM Memory – 4mb Flash Memory – 4.09″ Print Width – 6″ per second print speed


GX Direct Thermal Models:


Zebra G-Series GX420D Desktop Printer with USB

GX420d, 203 DPI, Direct Thermal, EPL AND ZPL, USB, Serial and Centronics Parallel

Part# GX42-202510-000





Zebra GX420D Desktop Printer with Auto Sensing

203DPI, Direct Thermal, EPL AND ZPL, USB with Auto Sensing

Part# GX42-202540-000





Zebra GX420D Desktop Printer with Dispenser

GX420, Desktop Printer, 203DPI, Direct Thermal Printing, EPL AND ZPL, USB, SERIAL, Centronincs Parallel, Dispenser and Peeler equipped.

Part# GX42-202511-000





Zebra GX420D Direct Thermal Printing (GX42-202510-100)

GX420d, Direct Thermal Printing, 203 dpi, Serial, Parallel, USB, US Cord, EPL2, ZPL II and equipped with Sensor.

Part# GX42-202510-100




GX Thermal Transfer Models:

gx product brochure



Zebra GX420T Desktop Printer with Adjustable Blackline Sensor

GX420T, 203DPI, Thermal Transfer, USB, Auto Sensing, Serial, Centronics Parallel, Adjustable Blackline Sensor equipped, 4MB FLASH, 8MB SDRAM, No Real Time Clock installed

Part# GX42-102510-100




Zebra GX420T Desktop Printer with Bluetooth

GX420t, Thermal Transfer Printing, 203 dpi, Serial & USB, Bluetooth connectivity, LCD Enhanced.






Zebra GX420T Thermal Transfer Printer with Bluetooth and Auto Sensing Equipped

GX420t Thermal Transfer Printing, 203 dpi, Serial & USB, Bluetooth connectivity with Autosensing






Zebra G-Series GX430T Desktop Printer – USB/Serial/Parallel

GX430T, 300 DPI, Thermal Transfer Printing, EPL AND ZPL, USB, Serial & Centronics Parallel connectivity.





We offer a full selection of Zebra GX Series Printers!

Zebra Brand Printers that are iPhone, iPad and Android Compatible



Zebra iMZ320 Mobile Printer with Bluetooth technology and iOS compatible

  • Building on the success of the MZ, the new iMZ320 mobile receipt printer makes it easier than ever to communicate with the latest iPhone & Android Smartphone and Tablets
  • Great for Retail /point of sale, Line-busting
  • Field Service / Field repair and installations
  • Direct Store Delivery / Proof of delivery receipts
  • Hospitality / Restaurant tabelside receipts, On-board transportation ticketing
  • Building on this experience, you can create printing applications for the Apple, Windows® , Android, WinCE, WinMobile and BlackBerry platforms with the Link-OS Software Development Kit (SDK). Backed by a full range of Zebra software, it has never been easier to produce crisp, clear receipts whatever the setting.

Specs:  At 3/4 of a pound or less, these lightweight printers can be worn the entire work day without even knowing you had it by your side! You can wear the printer via belt clip or shoulder strap for convenient printing. Single push-button media access for simple reloading. LEDs  indicate on/off, error, and connectivity status. Palm sized printing power! with a High-speed processor and extensive memory for printing complex barcodes, fonts and graphics. The iMZ printers now with an 802.11n option with dual-band support (2.4GHz-802.11b/g/n and 5GHz-802.11a/n) for those overcrowded wireless networks in retial environments where business operations need communications at the less-crowded 5GHz band.

In closing, each small iMZ printer can be a smart little assistant for any mobile receipt printing application where quick, simple receipts are needed on demand!


See all the entire Zebra iMZ Series

Handheld Scanners for scanning barcodes from a Label


Handheld Scanners
Barcode Scanner

Barcode Scanners are used to scan a barcode from a label. Handheld Scanners come in various scanning technologies like Area Imagers, CCD Linear Imaging, 1D Lasers, 2D Laser and short range scanning. Most scanners today utilize the USB connectivity to full blown wireless using bluetooth technology.

Scanner Types: Handheld, Industrial Scanners, Cordless, Presentation, Healthcare Scanners, InCounter and OnCounter Scanners





Datalogic Scanners

Datalogic Handheld Barcode Scanners –

Cordless Models -GBT4100 Linear Imagers – GBT4100HC – GM4100 Imager – GM4100HC HealthCare – QM2100 Imager – GBT4400HC – Gryphon GM4400 2D – Gryphon GBT4400

Corded Models –  Gryphon GD4100 – GD4300 Laser – GD4400 – Datalogic Heron – QuickScan QD2100 – Quickscan Laser Scanner



Honeywell Scanner


Honeywell Handheld Scanners –

Corded Models – 3800G HD – 3800r Retail Scanner – Eclipse 5145 Scanner – 7120 Orbit Omni-Directional Laser Scanner – Honeywell 7180 Code Gate Scanners – Genesis 7580 Scanner – Fusion 3780 Laser – Xenon 1902H Imager Corded

Cordless Models – 3820 Cordless Scanner – Xenon 1902 Wireless – Xenon 1902 Color Wireless – 3820 Wireless – Voyager 1202g Wireless – 3820i Wireless Industrial Grade – 4820i Wireless Industrial Area Imaging – 8820 Wireless Extended Range



Motorola Scanners


Motorola Solutions Handheld Barcode Scanners –

Corded Models – LI2208 Linear Imager – DS4208HC – DS4208 2D Imager – DS9208 OmniDirectional Presentation Imager – DS6707DP Digital Imager Scanner – DS9808 Hybrid Presentation Imager – LS4208 Barcode Scanner – LS7708 Presentation Scanner – LS7808 Barcode Scanner – DS6700 1D/2D Scanner – DS6707HD Digital Imager – DS6708 Drivers License Scanner

Cordless Models – LI4278 1D Scanner – DS6878 Driver License Scanner – DS6878HC Healthcare Scanner – DS6878SR Bluetooth 2D Imager – CS3000 Series – Symbol CS1504 Barcode Scanner



Unitech Scanners

Unitech Handheld Barcode Scanners –

Corded Models – AS-10 Short Range Scanner – MS180 CCD Scanner – MS210 CCD Scanner – MS335 CCD – Unitech MS837 Scanner – MS840 Scanner – Unitech MS830 High Density Scanner




We can help you find the right scanner for the type of application your using to create barcodes. We carry scanners for all types of industries; Hospital or Doctors Office, Industrial Warehousing, Rugged for reliability and high performance, manufacturing production line and retail POS (point-of-sale).

Visit to see everything we have to offer.

Portable Printers

Zebra Portable Direct Thermal Printers

  • iMZ Series – Light-duty-cycle receipt printer for simple receipt printing applications. Compact size and sleek design with an IP42 rating, are ideal for applications where the user will be wearing the printer for extended periods, or for customer-facing environments. Now compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Operating Systems to use with the latest smartphone and tablet devices. Perfect for price-sensitive customers. Ideal for users where the RW series is a bit too expensive, is too big, or has more features than needed.
  • EM220 – Bluetooth Mobile Direct Thermal Printer, Quickly and easily print receipts and other 2-inch wide documents with ease! – 203 dpi with a 2-inch print width; serial, USB and Bluetooth interfaces.
  • EM220II Mobile Printer – 2-inch Print width with Bluetooth Technology – Print Receipts with ease!
  • QL420 Plus Mobile Printer – Bring the flexibility of wireless printing to your 4-inch label or receipt applications with Zebra’s QL420 mobile printer. Ruggedly built to survive the rigors of warehousing, distribution, and route accounting, the QL420 offers a mobile mount option to allow printing in a forklift or vehicle
  • QL320 Plus – Streamline operations with a line of durable, lightweight, direct thermal mobile label printers that work wherever you are from warehouse floors to the hospital. Print barcode labels with complex graphics and text quickly and easily for more accurate tracking.
  • RW420 Plus – Direct Thermal Printing with a 4-inch Print width

Zebra Desktop Printers

Desktop Thermal Printers

  • Zebra GC420t – Thermal Transfer Printing with 203dpi and a 4-inch print width
  • Zebra GC420d – Direct Thermal Printing with 203dpi and a 4-inch print width
  • GK420t – Thermal Transfer Printing with 203dpi and a 4-inch print width – 6ft USB Cable included
  • GK420d – Direct Thermal Printing, Desktop model with 203dpi and a 4-inch print width
  • TLP2824 Plus – Thermal Transfer Printing with 203dpi and a 2.2-inch print width
  • GX420t Printer – Thermal Transfer printing, Desktop model with a 4-inch print width
  • GX420d – Direct Thermal Desktop Printer
  • LP2824 Plus – Direct Thermal Desktop Model – 2.2-inch print width
  • GX430t desktop model – Thermal Transfer printing with 300dpi and a 4-inch print width.

Midrange Printers

Midrange Thermal Printers

  • Zebra S4M Printer – Thermal Transfer models require a Thermal ribbon to print whereas Direct Thermal Printing Technology does not require a printer ribbon. The S4M comes with either a 203 or 300dpi version and prints with a max 4.09-inch print width.
  • ZT220 – Direct Thermal Model & Thermal Transfer Model; Zebra ZT220 printer incorporated extensive customer feedback, as well as the legacy of our industry leading label printers, to create the new Zebra ZT200 Series family of printers with elegant space saving design, effortless setup, intuitive user operation, and ease of service and maintenance.
  • ZT230 Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer Models – The Zebra ZT200 Series Printers offer space saving design with effortless setup.
  • Zebra 105sl Printer – Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal Printing with 203dpi and a 4.09-inch print width.


Zebra Industrial Printer

Industrial Thermal Printers

  • Zebra 110Xi4 Series – Thermal transfer or direct thermal printing that comes with either 203, 300 or 600dpi and a 4-inch print width. The 110Xi4 industrial printer can handle high-volume applications and harsh environments. The Xi Series label printers deliver superior print quality and reliability.
  • 140Xi4 Series – Thermal transfer or Direct Thermal Printing
  • 170Xi4 Series – Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal print technology with a print speed up to 12-inches per second.
  • 220Xi4 Series – Thermal Transfer or Direct Thermal printing with a print width of 8.5-inches wide.
  • Zebra ZM400 – Thermal Transfer Printing with reliable barcode label printing designed for your needs and your budget!
  • Zm600 Printer – Industrial Thermal Transfer printer with a 6-inch print width to handle wider labels.
  • Zebra 105sl Plus – Zebra’s newest industrial barcode and label printer! The 105sl plus is designed to easily fit into existing operations. Multiple connectivity options including parallel, serial, USB, and Ethernet coupled with full backward compatibility which makes integration fast and simple. Zebra 105sl plus base model
Zebra RFID Printer

Zebra RFID Printers

  • Zebra RZ400 RFID Printer – Thermal Transfer Printing – 300 dpi
  • RZ600 Printer – RFID Capability with a 6.6-inch print width and 203 & 300dpi -Zebra RFID printers give you total visibility, allowing you to identify, track, manage and optimize assets. From the first link in your supply chain to the last, our RFID printers have the flexibility to meet different business needs, including new applications.
  • R110Xi4 RFID Printer – Create RFID Smart Labels with ease!
  • RP4T RFID Mobile Printer – Thermal Transfer Printing with a 4-inch print width



We carry a full line of Zebra Products