This PC-based tool and demonstrates several capabilities of the reader including reading tags from multiple readers, exporting tags, controlling individual reader parameters and RFID protocol settings and upgrading reader firmware.  It is an excellent tool that can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of the RFID reader in a very effective manner.

Find Free RFID tools like PowerSession.

free rfid tools

Rapidread is a demonstration application that runs on MC3190-Z and MC9X90 RFID handhelds. RapidRead provides wireless data capture information like the number (total and unique) of EPC Gen 2 RFID tags that are in range of the RFID handheld. RapidRead can also perform with a geiger counter mode to locate a specific tagged item. Specific characteristics such as size, color and style are input and audible and the visual cues will guide the user to that specific item.

Also, available SessionOne which, is a PC-based demo that shows the capabilities of the FX7400, FX7500, FX9500 and FX9600 fixed readers, including device discovery; inventory operations; access operations; export tags; and map and show pictures to tag IDs. You can download SessionOne here.

Microsoft BizTalk RFID is an RFID device management and event processing platform. It is designed to provide a scalable, extensible platform for development, deployment, and management of RFID solutions.

Find answers to your support questions about BizTalk for Handheld Readers. You’ll find a wealth of information and online assistance, including developer tools, software downloads, product manuals and online repair requests.

Download BizTalk for Handheld Readers here.

You can find RFID printers, labels, tags and more here.

RFID Systems with a low cost per read point

honeywell if2 rfid readerThe compact, cost-effective IF2 Network Reader supports diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrial environments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per read point.

Packaged in a small and lightweight, yet durable enclosure, the IF2 is suited for nearly any environment, including industrial warehouse and manufacturing operations and enterprise environments for asset and inventory management applications.

Packaged in a small and lightweight, yet durable enclosure, the IF2 is suited for nearly any environment, including industrial warehouse and manufacturing operations and enterprise environments for asset and inventory management applications.

Reduces System and Deployment Costs for Large and Small Installations

With a focus on keeping the cost of ancillary equipment and installation low, the IF2 Network Reader includes features that reduce the costs and complexity of the overall solution. Not only does the low-profile enclosure with integrated mounting slots allow the IF2 to be easily installed in virtually any environment, the IF2 also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) for scalable deployments without the cost of adding electrical drops where AC line power is not available or practical. An optional DC converter is available to support conventional wall power. Either power method supports the full RF output power capability of the IF2 (up to 30 dBm).


Find out more on the Honeywell IF2 Network Reader here or purchase this product at the Barcodefactory.

avery inline tunnel 30

RFID In-Line Tunnel

Looking to tag your inventory with RFID? Well, there’s no need for inventory segregation or shielding with the Avery Dennison inline Tunnel 30. It leverages radio frequency manipulation to create an environment where RFID scanning consists near RFID tagged inventory, providing product level carton scanning on fast moving conveyor belts with accurate counts without utilizing over-reads through inbound/outbound distribution center processes.

avery rfid tunnel


Find more information regarding RFID and Tracking all your assets with the BarcodeFactory. They carry a full line of barcode and labeling products from Avery Dennison.

Impinj R120 Single Port Reader

The Impinj Speedway R120 reader is a single port, enterprise fixed reader that delivers RAIN RFID performance that optimizes read zones for single read situations. The R120 supports up to 8 antennas that provides a low cost opportunity to create contiguous read zones to a single reader. With it’s 24/7 maximum performance delivering the industries proven enterprise class reliability and performance.

Key Features: 

  • Senses & Adapts to Environment – Impinj Autopilot technology automatically optimizes the reader’s operation for it’s environment.
  • One Antenna Port – Extendable up to 8 antennas with the Speedway R120 Port Pack
  • Simple yet Flexible Deployment – Antennas, software and tools that support diverse applications and skill levels

Some typical use scenarios would be Inventory Management, Enhanced Shopper Experience and Analytics. Ensuring your staff has the supplies they need, when and where they need them. Receive accurate information about the location, availability and consumption of supplies.

RAIN RFID Experience Center Introduction Video:


PLACES-TO-BUY: BarcodeFactory Impinj

ADTP1 most productive RFID printer & encoder

The fastest, most productive RFID printer/encoder in its class, the Avery Dennison Tabletop Printer 1 (ADTP1) enables you to quickly, accurately, and intelligently move merchandise from manufacturing site to retail floor. This breakthrough solution amps up barcode and RFID printing, encoding, verifying, cutting and stacking activities–including carton and pallet labeling, retail compliance, item-level marking and tracking, work-in process tracking, hang tag printing, and asset-tracking–with double the printing and encoding speeds and throughput of 200-300% faster than alternative systems.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive, built-in RFID verifier overstrikes bad labels and tags to ensure 100% scannability.
  • Barcode Assured™ technology reduces printing unreadable barcodes with a patented, fail-safe dot shifting auto-correct feature that also extends print life.
  • Dual-ribbon control eliminates ribbon wrinkles to save time and money.
  • No special tools or service representatives needed with our tilting, user-accessible printheads.
  • Compatible with EcoCapacity+™ thin liner labels that significantly reduce water and energy use, solid waste production, and C02 emissions.

No other RFID label printer on the market today comes as close to the speed and encode reliability that the Avery ADTP1 provides. Avery also offers an available Cutter for this printer when used in conjunction with the ADTP1 printer. The Monarch 933 Cutter integrates with the Avery 928 Stacker for organized management of up to 2,000 tags simultaneously. Find this printer and it’s available options with the BarcodeFactory.


MANUFACTURER: Avery Dennison
PLACES-TO-BUY: BarcodeFactory Avery ADTP1


Datalogic RFID Pocket Reader

Looking for the perfect wireless RFID reader suitable for Grocery Distribution, Store & Stock Retail as well as Non-Food Retail? The RFID Pocket Reader from Datalogic with Bluetooth wireless technology has UHF RFID technology which, could be the perfect solution to your RFID tracking business needs.

The DLR-BT001 features:

  • EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C compliant
  • Battery Powered
  • USB and Bluetooth wireless communications
  • iPhone/iPad compatibility
  • Vibration Feedback
  • LCD Display

This RFID pocket reader has UHF RFID technology allowing information to be read and written on devices, name tags or transponders placed on objects for their identification. Read/Write operations can occur without a line-of-sight, at longer distances and faster speeds compared to other passive technologies. This creates a less expensive, more efficient and automated process.

Datalogic also offers accessories for the RFID pocket reader like the Three-Slot Charger base with Bluetooth technology.
Datalogic’s part number MBC-DLRBT001 3-Slot Charger.



MANUFACTURER: Datalogic RFID Pocket Reader
PLACES-TO-BUY:  BarcodeFactory DLR-BT001 RFID Reader

RFID Software support in BarTender

The Smarts for “Smart Labels”

BarTender’s RFID tools are designed with the same flexibility and ease of use for which its label design features are renowned. You simply create RFID objects in your design the same way you would create barcodes and other label objects.

BarTender also lets you put the same data into your RFID tags, text and barcodes, giving you the choice of using RFID or barcode scanning hardware to retrieve the data and providing data redundancy in case of a problem with the RFID tag.

Support for the Latest RFID Tag Types:

BarTender supports most of the tag types available in RFID-capable printers, including EPC Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C), ISO 15693, ISO 18000-6B, EPC Class 1, Tag-It, I-CODE, TagSys, My-d and Picotag. (Check to see our support for new RFID printers as they are introduced.)

Data Formats for Wal-Mart, DoD, EPC and more:

Most RFID tags allow data to be encoded in a variety of formats. BarTender currently supports the DoD, GDTI, GIAI, GID, GRAI, GSRN, SGLN, SGTIN and SSCC, and SGLN formats, and also lets you specify your own custom RFID data formats.

MANUFACTURER: Seagull Scientific


The No-Compromise Solution is Now RFID Enabled

When it comes to accomplishing routine data collection tasks with greater efficiency and accuracy, the 70 Series RFID mobile computers are the answer. These devices combine advanced RFID reading and a no-compromise design with best-in-class ruggedness, battery life, and ergonomics. Intelligently designed into three different form factors yet built on a singular core platform, the 70 Series RFID gives you the benefits of specialized devices with the reduced complexity and cost savings that come from adopting a common platform.

Adding RFID capability to 70 Series mobile computers has not come at the expense of size and weight. A fully integrated design utilizing Intermec’s IM11 embedded module—along with an internally housed antenna—enables advanced RFID read performance while maintaining the already-compact form factor of the 70 Series. The result is a fully integrated mobile platform that meets or exceeds typical RFID read range requirements, in a design that is more compact and comfortable to use than competing devices.


MANUFACTURER: Honeywell 70 Series RFID
PLACES-TO-BUY: BarcodeFactory Honeywell RFID Readers

On-Demand RFID Metal Asset Tagging Solution

confidex ironside rfid tagZebra Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of the first integrated solution to support applications that require RFID tags on metal surfaces. You can find all your RFID tracking tags and label at the RFID labeling experts available M-F 8-8pm EST or use their FREE online chat service.

In the past, RFID read performance has deteriorated significantly when an RFID tag was applied on a metal surface. Confidex, a leading supplier of high performance RFID tags, has addressed this problem by developing the Silverline family of all-surface RFID labels. Silverline labels are designed to work on a variety of surfaces including liquid bottles and metallic cylinders that in the past presented difficulties for RFID applications.

All-surface tags, however, are typically thicker than traditional RFID tags which make them difficult to print and encode in a standard thermal RFID bar code printer. Zebra has applied their extensive knowledge of printer design to develop a custom version of the ZT410 RFID printer that solves the problem of running thick labels through an RFID barcode printer. The custom ZT410 is specially modified to successfully print and encode Silverline tags.

This combination of a specially designed Zebra printer and Silverline tags provides companies with the ability to accurately encode and print RFID tags for use on a variety of items. When combined with Zebra’s RFID reader portfolio, the launch of Silverline will enable complete Zebra RFID solutions for the most critical Enterprise Assets.

For example in healthcare, hospital assets like wheel chairs, beds, oxygen canisters, IV pumps, medical diagnostic instruments, etc. can now be accurately and efficiently RFID tagged. In the manufacturing vertical, it enables tagging of tools, fixtures, metal parts, returnable containers, etc. Tagging of IT assets such as laptops, servers, tablets, etc. is another ideal use case.



RFID PRODUCTS: RFID Labels, ZT410 Printers, Zebra Products

PLACES-TO-SHOP: BarcodeFactory, Print Paragon, Newegg, CDW

Difference Between the ZT400 Series and Z Series – Printing For The Modern World

Difference Between the New ZT400 Series and Z SeriesAs of December, 2014, the Zebra ZT400 series has replaced the older Zebra Z series. Zebra has made many improvements on this new model, including a stronger all-metal body, advancements in print speed, noteworthy features, and more connectivity options. Like the Z series, the RFID ready Zebra ZT400 Series comes in two different models; the Zebra ZT410 (replacing the ZM400) and the Zebra ZT420 (replacing the ZM600). Some differences between these models is that, the ZT410 prints on 4 inch wide labels in 203, 300, and 600 DPI at a rapid speed of 14 inches per second. The ZT420 prints on 6 inch wide labels in 203 and 300 DPI at a speed of 12 inches per second.


There is more than one difference Difference Between the New ZT400 Series and Z Seriesbetween the ZT400 Series and Z Series. To start, the ZT400 Series prints much faster at up to 14 IPS compared to the Z Series printing at only up to 10 IPS. The ZT400 is feature packed with some features that were not previously available on the Z series. Of these new features is the Zebra’s Link-OS environment operating system which makes it possible to integrate and manage one or multiple printers remotely on the cloud from anywhere in the world. Other new features included are increased standard memory from previously 64 MB to now 256 MB. The Z series offers Serial, Parallel, and USB connectivity while the new ZT400 brings more connectivity options at a low cost with Bluetooth and Ethernet in addition to the connectivity options available on the Z series. In addition to all these performance upgrades, Zebra has added an all-metal body on the ZT400 series, which the Z series did not have, which now makes it more rugged for rougher work conditions.


HARDWARE: Zebra Printers

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