Honeywell IH21 UHF RFID Reader

The IH21 UHF Handheld RFID reader is compact, lightweight and offers high performance RFID reading. With it’s fast RFID module and versatile antenna design which enables rapid tag reading in front of the antenna with high accuracy. The light weight design makes it a comfortable reader to use all day long while the semi rugged design helps protect against drops and falls.

Honeywell IH21 RFID Reader

The IH21 Reader Compatibility

The Honeywell IH21 rfid reader is compatible with many popular Honeywell retail mobile computing solutions including the Dolphinâ„¢ 75e, CT40, CT50, and CT60, as well as the ScanPalâ„¢ EDA50 series.

Some Compatible Mobile Computers

As mobile RFID systems are used more often by more workers, return on investment increases. Handheld readers enable the user to take the technology to the point of work – whether it’s on the shop floor or the receiving dock.

Handheld readers are the perfect, economical choice for when it’s more practical to bring the read/write device to the tagged object rather than moving objects past a fixed reader. Handheld RFID is also ideal for use in the field for asset tracking, field service applications, and use by mobile workers.

Download the PDF file for the Honeywell IH21 RFID Reader here.