AutoCube 8200 by Honeywell

The AutoCube 8200 automatically calculates the overall dimensions of a package in less than a second and to within 5mm accuracy. The measuring tape is still the standby to capture package dimensions at the retail counters of many parcel companies. The problems with this are obvious slower service, longer lines and less-satisfied customers. Add the risk of inaccurate measurements resulting in less revenue, and it’s clear there has to be a better way.
honeywell autocubeWith the new AutoCube fixed dimensioning system from Honeywell, there is. AutoCube captures accurate package dimensions instantly and with extreme accuracy enabling employees to provide faster service, work more efficiently and capture more revenue. AutoCube takes instant measurements and displays the Dim Weight provided by all shippers, and it will also keep a full color image in your records for proof of dimensional weight, to protect you from overcharges.

Take your retail shipping operations to a new level of efficiency with AutoCube. Available June 2017 from BarcodeFactory.

Contact us now for a quote and more information, or a demonstration. Download the datasheet for the 8200 here.