Code CR2700 Healthcare Barcode Reader

Code’s new fourth generation barcode reader, the CR2700 combines nearly twenty years of market experience with slick features improving patient care. Tackling poorly printed and damaged barcodes with it’s unparalleled scanning performance.

Make infection control a no worry issue and a thing of the past. Eliminating any exposed metal on its seamless construction, the only IP65 rating on the market. The top-of-the-line CodeSheild plastics makes the CR2700 easy to be cleaned even with the harshest chemicals.

The CR2700 introduces Bluetooth 5 to healthcare scanning which increases the security level on data transmission. By implementing a Low Energy radio, Code has extended the battery life on the new reader to further minimize downtime during work shifts. It features a built in gauge that tells the user when its time to change the battery, which can be easily swapped for a fresh one. Making this barcode reader much more efficient in any healthcare environment.

Packed with features which helps the hospital IT department deploy and manage their scanners. Tracking service start dates and vital battery statistics, the CR2700 provides a new level of asset visibility and replacement planning. Find out more on this new scanner from Code by downloading the datasheet.