Scanner Comparison

Honeywell Barcode Scanners

There are many low cost USB scanners flooding the US market from China. These scanners range in price from $30 to $55.00. What is the difference? First the scan engines, electronics and housings are all cheaper. These barcode readers typically work out of the box but do not have the long life we see from a robust barcode scanner in the $100 to $150 range. Most of the cheap imports have a one year warranty and if the scanner goes down, the disruption cost is high in retail.

Honeywell scanners have a 5 year warranty. Typically we see these in use for many years beyond their warranty life and the cost of ownership ends up being mush less than a low cost generic import. Honeywell backs up their products too with user tools and tech support. The readers today can perform many functions beyond simple scanning.

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