Honeywell Scanners in Starbucks

Comparing the Orbit 7190g and Genesis 7580g

honeywell genesis 7580g scanner
Here is how we would compare…

  • If you are scanning mostly screens, (digital coupons), and occasionally merchandise, we recommend the Genesis 7580g. You will find these readers in Starbuck’s and they have a large amount of digital scanning.
  • If you are scanning mostly merchandise and occasionally screens, we recommend the new Orbit 7190g hybrid. Maybe you are just starting to scan digital coupons. The 7190g is your best option.
  • And if you are scanning just merchandise we recommend the Orbit 7190g (the laser only version).


orbit 7190gDon’t think of the Orbit 7190g as a cheap alternative to the Genesis.  It’s not, but if you are doing a mix of reading barcodes on cell phones and on merchandise, stay with the 7580g.






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