Honeywell StratosH 2300

Honeywell StratosH 2300 – Taking Checkout to the Next Level

The Honeywell StratosH 2300 6-sided, 360°-bioptic label scanner and scale provides retailers with high scanning productivity and aggressive first-pass scanning performance. Its patented scanning technologies; StratosSYNCTM and StratosSWAPTM, ensure speed, reliability, and ultimately customer satisfaction. The Honeywell StratosH is available in different forms factors and boasts a 4-inch-below counter depth for easy integration into most checkout environments. This in-counter scanner is feature packed and can take retail checkout to the next level.

Scanner Features:

  • 6-sided, 360°-Scanning: Improves productivity and operator ergonomics by reducing product orientation
  • StratosSYNCTM Independent Scanning Planes: Maintains productivity and uptime via independent scanning planes
  • StratosSWAPTM Pre-Aligned Optical Scanning Modules: Minimizes downtime and lowers the cost of service via modular optical scan engines
  • StratosSTATS Productivity Analytical Software: Provides data critical to maintaining checkout productivity
  • StratosSCHOOL Operator Training Software: Improves productivity and promotes safer scanning techniques