Settings for Xenon 1902g-bf Battery Free Scanner

Settings for the Xenon 1902g-bf

Xenon 1902g-bf Battery Free Barcode Scanner are in distribution and we are providing help here on factory defaults and tools to make it happen.  First, here are terms to understand.

  • Factory Defaults:  The scanner’s settings that are done at the factory during manufacturing.
  • Custom Defaults:  Any changes to the scanner’s setting that one makes permanent.  Making changed settings permanent will be the topic of a future Scanner Gram.  Once Custom Defaults are set up/saved – they become “Factory Defaults”.
  • Data Formatting:  Program the scanner to edit, delete, append scanned data.

Scanning this barcode sets your scanner back to factory default including getting rid of any special Data Formatting you have your scanner doing.  If there are any saved Custom Defaults (See above Custom Defaults) scanning this barcode takes the scanner back to your saved Custom Defaults – not all the way to true Honeywell Factory Default.

Scanning this barcode clears any Custom Defaults that have been saved to your scanner – but that’s all it does.  It does not send your scanner back to Honeywell Factory Default.  Note one VERY important item – DEFOVR will disable plugins (EasyDL, Easy BCBP, etc.) and you may need to reach out to tech support to re-enable them.So if you are not sure what your scanner has been through, and you are sure the scanner has no plugins, and you want to get it back to true Factory Default – scan Defovr then Defalt.

Dfmca3 is the command that clears any Data Formatting you’ve programmed your scanner to do. It does not clear any scanner settings or send your scanner back to Factory Default.


Using the Xenon 1902g-bf scanner manual you can add commands with a simple barcode scan.

Scanners can multi-task. Your scanner professional can share codes and information on how your simple bar code reader can make your application and workers more productive. Contact a Honeywell Specialist at BarcodeFactory for help.