SG20 Healthcare Scanner

High-Performance Healthcare Scanner

intermec-sg20The Honeywell SG20 High-Performance Healthcare Scanner features responsive and reliable performance to help eliminate errors and improve patient care. Whether at the admitting desk, nurses’ station, patient bedside, lab or pharmacy – the SG20 scanner minimizes the time and effort to read a barcode, improving productivity while helping complete important verification processes.
Scanners have long been the de facto data capture device for healthcare, but are often slow, unreliable and not well-suited to this environment. The SG20 scanner is built to excel in the hospital, with industry-leading omnidirectional 2D barcode reading speed and technology and more motion tolerance than competing devices. All common 1D and 2D barcodes can be scanned easily and consistently at almost any orientation without time-consuming item repositioning or disturbance to resting patients.

A variety of communication options make the transition to automatic barcode data capture fast and easy. Connecting to your existing infrastructure is easy with support for USB, RS-232 and keyboard wedge cable interfaces – as well as optional Bluetooth® wireless connectivity.

Healthcare scanners are often used at the point of care where infection control is crucial. The disinfectant-ready housing of the SG20 scanner, when combined with a protocol of frequent disinfecting, can minimize the spread of infectious diseases while providing years of reliable service under these conditions.


HARDWARE: Honeywell SG20 Healthcare Scanner

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