Unitech AS10 Code 39 Scanner

Unitech AS10 – Low Cost and Ideal For Basic Scanning

If you only need the basics, don’t look any further than the Unitech AS10 code 39 scanner. The AS10 barcode scanner is an affordable option for streamlining your data collection. Easy to use and configure, this bestseller makes the barcode scanning process as hassle-free as can be. This barcode scanner is ideal for retail, medical, library, and light industrial applications. The AS10 would fit in seamlessly in an education or library environment for ID card scanning or book checkout systems. The AS10 is also a popular solution for point-of-sale applications in retail settings. Reduce processing time, increase accuracy, and streamline your workflow with this easy and powerful barcode scanner.

Scanner Features:

  • Complete data formatting and editing capabilities
  • Reads most commonly used bar code symbologies
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Ergonomic design
  • Economical and durable