Simple BarCode Generator

A simple barcode generator that is free to use. Create a label online that can be scanned or saved as a file into your documents. Make your own barcode label online is a simple process and only meant to be used for testing purposes. Using proper bar code and label creation software is advised. We cannot provide technical support for this free barcode generator application.

How do I create a free bar code?

1. DATA TO ENCODE – The data can be numbers, text, web addresses or anything regarding a particular sku for a given product.

2. BAR CODE SYMBOLOGIES – There are a multitude of bar code symbologies to choose from but, the more common ones are Code 128, Code 39, UPC-A and UPC-E. Code 128 is variable length and encodes the full 128 ASCII character set. Each character is represented by 11 modules that can be one of four bar widths. “Code 128″ is the most easily read code with the highest message integrity due to several separate message check routines. “Code 39″ is the most frequently use symbology in industrial bar code systems today! The principle feature is to encode messages using the full alphanumeric character set. Three of the nine elements (bars) are wide and six elements are narrow.

3. UPDATE BARCODE – Which generates the bar code in a new window as a .gif image file that would be saved to your computer and later used for printing from your barcode printer.
So, what environments would benefit the most from utilizing the free barcode generator you ask? Some applications and solutions where you can increase productivity and accuracy in turn decreasing cost almost immediately creating a barcode are listed below.

  • Inventory Control
  • Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Security “With a Touch of a Button”
  • Moving Target Applications
  • End of Year Inventory
  • Point-of-Sale (POS)
  • Credit Card Processing

Creating UPC Bar Codes

UPC Barcodes and UPC Numbers require registration with the UCC, (Uniform Code Council). There is a fee to register your UPC code and the UCC provides these numbers. They cannot be made at random.
Virtually every type of industry today is using bar codes to replace keyboard data entry. This saves time and money for companies inventorying their assets. Most systems do not usually have to be modified to support bar coding. Experience shows that it is best to start with a simple configuration to quickly see the results and slowly build confidence before tackling more advanced applications.

Utilizing the free barcode generator

Utilizing the free online barcode generator tool does have it’s significant advantages such as testing your printer when creating your bar code. Also, printing out the bar code with your company logo and making sure you’re using the right size label. Learning how to create various types of bar codes is another benefit of using the free tool. Lastly, if you’re looking to only print out a small number of bar codes for a given application then this generator tool would save you time and money.

Getting yourself familiar with the various types of bar codes and what purpose they serve is always a benefit for all types of companies in any type of industry. From Warehousing to Pharmaceutical, there is a bar code available to use and serve a purpose.