Zebra GK420d Printing a Configuration Label

Need help printing a test label for your Zebra GK420d desktop printer? Please make sure the media is properly loaded and the top cover of the printer is closed. Then, turn the printer power on. Press the Feed button to advance the label. When the status light is solid green, press and hold the feed button until the status light flashes once. To continue with the process please refer to the video below:


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Adjusting Thermal Printer Speed and Darkness for Optimum Results

In this video we’ll show you how you can achieve optimum results for your thermal barcode printer by simply adjusting the speed and darkness settings. We start by making sure your print speed and darkness levels are balanced for printing labels that are legible. Finally making sure your speed is fast enough to meet job deadlines, your barcodes are clear and the text is dark enough to read.

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How to Serialize with BarTender Software

Assigning sequential numbers using serialization to assign unique identifiers to items.

Example: Suppose that you want your serialization to increment (or decrement) by specific numbers, letters, or characters, rather than a simple consistent interval. You enter the following sequence in the Sequence field: 1862730. If you set the sequence to increment by 1, your serialization sequence would look like this: 1, 8, 6, 2, 7, 3, 0, 11, 18, 16, 12, 17, etc.


MANUFACTURER: Seagull Scientific

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Zebra 3600 Series Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanner




zebra 3600 series manageability

When it comes to capturing barcodes in the warehouse and on the manufacturing production line, every second counts — speed and accuracy are directly related to workforce productivity, your throughput and the quality of your products and customer service. Introducing the industry’s first complete line of corded and cordless ultra-rugged scanners that redefine industrial scanning with new standards for rugged design, scanning performance and manageability.

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Epson One-Step Color-Label Printing for GHS Compliance

Epson’s ColorWorks C831 industrial-strength inkjet label printer is ideal for GHS large format drum and chemical labels and more. It combines all the benefits of a rugged color inkjet printer with the accuracy of an 8-pin tractor feeder and is the first inkjet printing solution that has been BS5609 certified.




Epson C831, ColorWorks C7500, ColorWorks C3500

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Thermal Printer Maintenance & Operation

Thermal Printer Maintenance & Operation – 5 Steps to Thermal Printhead maintenance, Speed and Darkness Settings

  • Print Speed and Darkness Must Be Balanced
  • A Continuous white line indicates a broken diode and will affect barcode readability
  • Replace your Print Head when one or more Diodes are broken


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